The Outdoor Industry: Reimagining Retail Through Collaboration

The outdoor industry: remerging retail through collaboration

The winds of change are blowing through the outdoor industry. Consumer preferences are evolving, markets are shifting, and technology is pushing boundaries. To survive and thrive, brands and retailers need to ditch the lone wolf mentality and embrace a new era of collaboration.

Join our fireside chat on July 23rd at 2 PM EST and hear industry leaders like Steve Gendron (ENDVR), Mike Massey (, and Eoin Comerford (former CEO, Moosejaw) discuss why collaboration is the key to unlocking mutual success.

The Fire Within: Why Collaboration Matters

Imagine a seamless journey from browsing online to trying on gear in-store. That’s the experience today’s outdoor enthusiasts crave. According to the Outdoor Industry Association, participation is booming, and there’s a growing desire for personalization and inclusivity across all touch points.

But here’s the twist: a surprising 85% of consumers still prefer to make their final purchases in physical stores. This highlights the crucial role of brick-and-mortar alongside a strong digital presence. The future lies in omni-channel retail, where online and offline experiences work together seamlessly.

Blurring the Lines: The Rise of Omni-Channel Retail

The lines between online and offline are fading. Many shoppers begin online but crave the in-store experience to see, touch, and try on gear.  For example, L.L.Bean is expanding its physical footprint to complement its digital strength, recognizing the power of omni-channel.

The key to success? Consistency across all channels. Brands and retailers need to ensure pricing, promotions, and product availability are aligned. This synchronized approach allows for better marketing and inventory strategies.

Data: The Retail Crystal Ball

Real-time data is the game-changer. It empowers brands and retailers to track sales, monitor inventory, and measure the success of in-store promotions. Platforms like ENDVR offer valuable insights that fuel informed decisions.

Imagine knowing exactly which products are hot in specific locations. This allows for smarter inventory management and targeted marketing campaigns. With a data-driven approach, popular items are able to be kept stock, which elevates the customer experience.

Empowering the Brand Champions: Sales Associates

They’re the frontline: knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales associates can make or break a sale. Matt Powell emphasizes the importance of investing in training programs that equip them with product expertise and sales techniques. Engaged and empowered associates translate to loyal customers.

Collaboration can take training to the next level.

Digital platforms like ENDVR can facilitate collaborative training sessions, which ensures sales teams are well-equipped to deliver exceptional customer service. Turning sales associates into brand ambassadors through engaging and efficient digital training tools.

The Future Beckons: Collaboration is Key

The future of outdoor retail belongs to those who embrace personalization, leverage advanced analytics, and deliver integrated shopping experiences. Collaborative efforts unlock innovative solutions that fuel growth and keep customers coming back for more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation. Register for the fireside chat and help us reimagine the future of outdoor retail, together.

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