Pulse of Store Floor: Retail Staff Survey in Active Outdoors

A survey of over 175+ frontline retail employees across North America in the active outdoor retail sector, conducted by ENDVR, offered insights into workplace satisfaction, compensation concerns, and their influence on brand loyalty and sales performance. Amid industry layoffs and shifting retail dynamics, these findings highlight the challenges retail employees encounter and their effects on the brands they represent.

Retail Staff Sentiments and Concerns

A considerable number of respondents expressed dissatisfaction, citing inadequate compensation, lack of training and tools, and job security fears—with 63% notably worried due to layoffs, especially in prominent brick-and-mortar retail spaces. These concerns not only strain the workforce but can also directly impact customer experiences and brand loyalty.

The Connection Between In-Store Staff Satisfaction and Brand Success

The survey revealed that 15% of staff feel happy in their jobs, in stark contrast to the 46% who are somewhat unhappy with their compensation. Alongside 63% voicing concerns over layoffs, this underscores the need for brands to enhance retail staff experiences. Notably, enhancing staff satisfaction has been demonstrated to significantly elevate sales from $57 to $87 per person-hour and increase profits by 45%. The undeniable correlation between employee contentment and consumer purchasing patterns highlights that engaged employees are vital for nurturing brand loyalty, especially critical as 73% of consumers crave engaging experiences.4 Retail Trends and How Your Active Outdoor Brand Can Capitalize on Them

The Need for Technological Support

Respondents emphasized the value of a supportive work environment, strong collegial relationships, and acknowledgment in fostering job satisfaction. When asked about digital solutions for brand education, incentives, and merchandising support, an overwhelming 97% cited the positive impact ENDVR has on compensation. ENDVR stands out as an indispensable tool in connecting brands and frontline staff, offering enhanced compensation through contests, incentives, and rewards, alongside crucial product education. This strategy not only increases satisfaction and performance but also aids brands in developing store-level brand ambassadors to amplify sales.

Action Steps for Brands to Increase Sales and Support Employee Morale

ENDVR is at the forefront, offering technological solutions that directly help brands increase sales within brick-and-mortar stores. This survey underscores the essential role of support and digital technology in transforming retail staff experiences. By leveraging platforms like ENDVR, brands can significantly improve employee morale, increase sales, and strengthen customer connections, benefiting the retail ecosystem as a whole.

For detailed insights on how frontline staff impact brand sales, download the survey results and see how to optimize your brand for today’s retail landscape.


Looking Forward to Part 2: Frontline Staff Survey Results

Eager for more insights?
Stay tuned for Part 2 of this survey series, delving into frontline staff engagement, product knowledge, and its consequential impact on brand sales. Discover how well-informed and engaged retail employees can become your brand’s most important advocates and sales drivers.

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