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Revamping the Retail Experience: Introducing the New ENDVR App Update

In the dynamic realm of retail, brands are rediscovering the critical importance of wholesale channels. Recent studies indicate that the wholesale sector is poised for a 7% growth rate in 2024, outpacing other retail channels. Insights from ENDVR suggest that adopting advanced strategies could enhance sales and improve sell-through rates by 41% in wholesale, revolutionizing revenue generation for brands in physical stores.

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Wholesale Success in 2024: Expert Guide for Active Brands

In the dynamic world of retail, navigating the landscape can feel like embarking on an exhilarating adventure. Just as athletes tackle challenges head-on, brands must navigate obstacles and seize opportunities to achieve peak performance. Here, we present a guide to help your brand thrive in this dynamic environment, leveraging technology and retail sales enablement platforms like to drive success in your wholesale channels.

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