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Brands can easily and conveniently connect to frontline staff with our mobile app. Equipped with tools like sales incentives, digital education, and retail operations, brands use ENDVR to drive revenue in physical stores.
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ENDVR is the all-in-one retail sales enablement platform with all the touchpoints and tools to help your brand increase retail revenue.
  • Sell more with sales contests & incentives
  • Enhance brand knowledge with 24/7 digital education
  • Keep displays on-brand with photo checks
  • Rep account servicing
  • Access progress data and reports
  • All via our easy-to-use mobile app


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Platform Features For Brands

Sales Incentives

Build and launch simplified sales contests that are designed for maximum uptake. Gamify the experience with leaderboards, and track outcomes in real-time.

Digital Education

Create engaging digital education modules directly to the palms of sales associates. Educate staff and drive incremental revenue for your brand with videos, images, quizzes and offer rewards for completion and view progress by location and associate.

Retail Operations

Request inventory and merchandising checks, instruct frontline teams on product display setups, and create a display standards image library for all locations.

End-to-End Rewards Service & Fulfillment

Add a custom store for reward redemption and your employee discount program. Simplify end-to-end rewards service with ENDVR order fulfillment and prizes from our warehouse, saving you storage, shipping, and shelf space.

Grow Your Brand Sales in Physical Retail

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Your Retail Sales Enablement Platform for Increasing Wholesale Revenue

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Why Nixon Commits More Budget Every Year to ENDVR

Learn how Nixon leverages the easy-to-use ENDVR platform to incentivize inventory sell-through and test new training approaches with frontline sales staff.
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How Brands Are Increasing Revenue in Physical Stores: Case Studies

Learn how brands like yours are growing with ENDVR.

OTIS Eyewear

From scattered sales contests to a structured incentive program.

Mountain Hardwear

Bringing visibility to merchandising displays to gauge impact.

How do I know the ENDVR users following my brand actually work for the store?

You have complete control of what stores (and employees) can follow your brand and access your missions. If you don’t approve a store, or block one at a later time, employees at that store can no longer access your missions. Secondly, the value of our product is the quality of our users, so we incentivize our network of retail employees to self-police their stores. Should someone attempt to join who doesn’t work there, they’ll be flagged by actual employees and removed by ENDVR.

What kind of rewards can I offer associates?

ENDVR gives you options as to how you want to incentivize employees for engaging with your brand and content. While cash is a great reward that always moves the needle, you can also offer free or discounted products as a reward, or any other prize you choose!

How do merchandising checks work?

In ENDVR you can create Missions, which can be any kind of task you’d like store employees to complete. In the case of a visual merchandising check, you would create a Mission asking store associates to take and send a photo of your brand’s current display, and/or to rearrange your display to look like an example photo that you include with the Mission.

How does ENDVR’s managed reward fulfillment work?

On ENDVR you can choose to set up a store where associates go to claim prizes and/or purchase discounted goods. If you’d rather not fulfill those orders yourself, we can do it for you! You would simply need to ship your product(s) in bulk to one of our partner warehouses in the U.S. or Canada, then when an order is placed on your ENDVR store we’ll ship it out for you within 24 hours, and give you real-time shipment tracking.

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