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Drive In-Store Sales and Frontline Relationships

Empower sales associates with brand knowledge so they can be your champions on the floor even when you are not there in person.
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ENDVR is the all-in-one retail sales enablement platform that connects you directly to store teams to increase re-orders and sell-through.
  • Create simple sales contests & incentives, with easy fill in templates
  • Train teams on your brand 24/7 with evergreen content 
  • Nurture relationships in-between visits
  • Keep displays on-brand with photo checks
  • Create surveys & marketing missions


Avg. Increase in Retail Sales


Avg. Increase in Product Reorders


Of Sales Associates Rely on ENDVR for Brand Product Knowledge

App Features for Sales Reps


ENDVR enhances your in-store impact by ensuring your clinics are never missed, with training and incentives delivered directly through our app.


Strengthen sales associate relationships with targeted training, real-time incentives, and support, driving an increase in sales for the stores you manage.


Get free customized intro cards; hand them out and earn cash for each sign-up, helping you grow sales and strengthen relationships.


Our brand dashboard provides real-time insights into product sell-through, training effectiveness, and frontline merchandising and marketing performance.


Use these insights to optimize strategies, enhance training, and improve merchandising, helping you increase sales within the territory you manage.


Start Growing Your Sales

Download the ENDVR app to join your brand’s platform, refer associates to sign up, and earn cash bonuses.

Your New Sales Companion

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Sales Rep Training Webinar

Quiz associates to assess their knowledge of new products

View real-time leaderboards to see who’s winning your contests

Post Missions to check prices or improve merchandise displays

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Why Nixon Commits More Budget Every Year to ENDVR

Learn how Nixon leverages the easy-to-use ENDVR platform to incentivize inventory sell-through and test new training approaches with frontline sales staff.
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Is there a cost for retailers or associates?

No! There is absolutely no cost for either to participate, it’s completely free. In fact, store employees can earn extra money for using it.

Do associates need to use their phone on the store floor?

No! Any and all updates on ENDVR should be done before or after their shift.

Can stores track engagement with their staff?

Yes! They can sign-up for ENDVR For Retailers for FREE. This will allow them to see their employee engagement in real-time!

Can I track how my stores are performing ?

Yes, you can access all reporting via the brand dashboard to see how your stores are performing and use the newsfeed post to communicate with your stores!

Are there resources for Sales Reps?

YES! We want to make sure all sales reps are fully educated on the ENDVR platform. Simply ask your brand admin that you’d like to be included in the digital onboarding and we will enroll you.

Claim Your FREE ENDVR Intro Cards

Submit your info and we will send you 100 free customized Intro Cards with your unique referral code, completely free of charge! Hand these out during store visits, and for every employee who signs up using your code, you will earn a cash bonus.