Turn Sales Associates into your most passionate Brand Ambassadors and sell more!

Brands use ENDVR to reward remployees on the store floor participating in digital sales contests, learning about their products, promoting them to their social networks and providing valuable insight from the store floor.

How it works?

Brands create missions and share them with the front line employees selling their product.
What’s a mission?​

  • Sales contests to drive sell-through with real time visibility of success. Know what products are selling and where.

  • Learning missions to ensure associates know their product and how to best sell it. 

  • Marketing missions like promoting their brand on social media. 

  • Data gathering missions like surveys to learn what they're seeing & hearing on the store floor.

Upon successful completion, these store employees are rewarded with real cash and exclusive access to discounted product.


Not only that, but they're now better educated and ready to sell more, benefiting both the brand & the retailer.

When is the best time to start engaging with front line employees? 

The minute your product hits the floor! 

With ENDVR you can share unlimited missions to every employee selling your product, all year long.

"My favorite thing is that it’s so time effective to use. Gone are the days of filling our forms, taking bulk photos of receipts and sending lots of emails to reps."

Ben, McCoo's Whistler


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