4 Retail Trends and How Your Active Outdoor Brand Can Capitalize on Them

As we enter 2024, the retail landscape is undergoing a dramatic transformation. With a significant portion of retail transactions happening in brick-and-mortar stores, and predictions that physical retail will constitute 85% of total sales, brands find themselves at a critical point to adapt and innovate. In 2022, 87% of all retail transactions occurred in physical stores, showcasing the immense potential of in-store retailing. Let’s explore the key trends for 2024 and discover how your brand can capitalize on these opportunities!

4 Retail Trends and How Surf & Active Outdoor Brands Can Capitalize on Them

1. Enhancing In-Store Experience

In 2024, optimizing in-store presence is crucial for brands. Effective merchandise displays are key to generating foot traffic and customer engagement. The National Retail Federation reported a staggering $104 billion wasted annually due to poor in-store execution. Brands must focus on compelling visual merchandising and in-store experiences that resonate with customers. More importantly, brands will need to ensure their product displays in stores are taken out of the back room, set up on the shelves correctly and showcase the brand effectively. With strong retail leaders, this can be achieved, but according to the data it’s not always the case. Brands must explore additional solutions to ensure a seamless visual transition that accurately conveys the intended display.

Solutions like ENDVR, a retail sales enablement platform, can give brands the visibility needed to not lose customer loyalty by ensure merchandise is effectively displayed and monitored to enhance in-store visibility and engagement.

2. Overcoming Challenges in E-commerce

Brands are grappling with unique challenges in the e-commerce domain. Despite allocating substantial budgets, many are witnessing a decline in the efficacy of their in-store sales and marketing strategies. The diminishing return on investment in digital advertising is declining with the current benchmark for return on ad spend in e-commerce hovers around a modest 4 to 1 ratio, which pales in comparison to the potential returns from optimized in-store experiences. Additionally, the effectiveness of online marketing is further compromised by the widespread use of ad blockers, with 42.7% of consumers actively employing these tools to avoid digital advertisements. This statistic highlights a growing disconnect between traditional online marketing approaches and consumer preferences. That’s why an increasing number of brands, like OTIS Eyewear, are embracing sales optimization solutions. ENDVR works with many outdoor active brands to provide a streamlined approach that not only maximizes digital ad ROI, but also extends reach and outperforms traditional advertising methods.

3. Fostering Customer Loyalty In Retail Stores

Fostering customer loyalty is more crucial than ever, especially considering that 73% of consumers prefer brands that offer personalized shopping experiences. This statistic highlights a clear trend: shoppers are not just buying products; they are seeking connections and experiences tailored to their individual preferences and needs. For retail stores, this means going beyond the traditional selling approach and cultivating an environment where each customer interaction is personalized and memorable. By leveraging data analytics and customer insights, retailers can create targeted promotions, personalized recommendations, and unique in-store experiences that resonate deeply with their customers, transforming casual shoppers into loyal brand advocates.

ENDVR’s retail sales enablement platform can assist brands in creating these experiential retail environments by engaging and educating retail staff about the brand’s story, ensuring they deliver a consistent and enriched customer experience.

4. Leveraging Digital Technology in Retail

The decline of third-party cookies has ushered in a new era where harnessing first-party data has become imperative for retail brands. With only a minority, 33%, of companies fully prepared to navigate this significant shift, the role of digital technology is now more critical than ever. Analyzing customer behavior, streamlining supply chains, and crafting marketing strategies tailored to unique customer preferences is the next step in retail, and leveraging digital technology will need to be adopted to stay competitive and know where and what is happening at all the stores that your brand has products in.

At the heart of this digital revolution is ENDVR, a pioneering platform designed specifically for brands in brick-and-mortar retail spaces. ENDVR transcends traditional barriers by forging direct connections between brands and frontline retail sales teams, thereby unlocking the full potential of the relationship between brands and brick-and-mortar stores to increase sell-through and drive sales.

ENDVR’s innovative approach includes:

  • Brand to Associate Mobile Connection: Creating a direct digital link between brands and store associates.

  • Digitized Retail Sales Enablement Modules: Enhancing the knowledge and efficiency of sales teams.

  • Instant Rewards to Drive In-Store Engagement: Motivating associates with immediate incentives for promoting products.

  • Full Campaign ROI Visibility & Real-Time Data-Driven Insights: Offering brands unprecedented visibility into the impact of their in-store campaigns.

  • In-Store Sell-Through Tracking: Providing real-time insights into product performance.

Our mission at ENDVR is to revolutionize the retail ecosystem by bridging the gap between brands, retailers, sales associates, and their customers, fostering an environment where everyone thrives. ENDVR is not just a platform; it’s a game-changer in the way brands drive product sell-through on the store floor. By empowering frontline employees worldwide to become brand ambassadors, and rewarding them for influencing purchasing decisions, ENDVR transforms them into active participants in a brand’s success.

ENDVR is more than just a digital solution; it's a strategic partner for brands aiming to excel in the physical retail world.

Imagine this: a customer walks into a store looking for skis or surfboards and through ENDVR, a brand can ensure that their products are the first a customer encounters. Moreover, brands gain real-time sales visibility in their wholesale network—a groundbreaking advancement in retail technology.

ENDVR is more than just a digital solution; it’s a strategic partner for brands aiming to excel in the physical retail world.

Brands Now Need to Navigate this Economic Uncertainty

The economic outlook for 2024 presents uncertainties, with consumer spending expected to decline in the first half of the year. Retailers must employ data-driven strategies to swiftly adapt to these changing market conditions and customer needs.

With consumer spending expected to decline in early 2024, retailers must employ data-driven strategies to adapt quickly.


The retail sector in 2024 is all about embracing change and embracing technology to create personalized, immersive, and efficient shopping experiences. By staying ahead of these trends, your brand can capitalize on the enormous opportunities they present, ensuring growth and success in an evolving marketplace.

Discover how ENDVR can serve as your strategic partner in adapting to these evolving dynamics, equipping you to capitalize on these trends and enhance your retail sales potential. Join our upcoming webinar for brands and uncover ENDVR’s pioneering retail sales enablement platform designed to empower your brand for success in the future of retail.

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