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Increase Retail Sales & Attract Customers

Empower your employees like never before. With ENDVR, retailers can increase sales, attract customers, retain quality staff, and reduce training and incentive administrative costs.

Increase Sales Through In-Store Experiences

ENDVR is the all-in-one retail sales enablement platform that puts your entire team in sync for optimal revenue performance and customer service.
  • Boost store sales with contests & incentives
  • Improve staff knowledge & compliance
  • Keep teams in the loop on store news
  • All via our easy-to-use mobile app
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Employee Confidence in Selling Brand Products with ENDVR

Platform Features For Retailers

Increased In-Store Sell Through

Motivated educated associates confidently sell more.

Attract & Retain Customers

Quality service & experience brings customers back.

Shifting Costs to Brands

Brand sponsored education and incentive programs.

Retain Great Staff

Brand rewards are another perk for working in-store.

Real-Time Reporting

Track contest progress with real-time sales data and insights. Evaluate stock levels per store to optimize brand re-orders and store promotions. 

Increase Retail Sales and Attract Customers

Download the ENDVR app to get instant access to insights that drive sales motivation and performance.

Your Platform for Store Optimization

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What Our Clients Say

“I must say I’ve been in the industry a long long time and have won every kind of sales incentive or contest…and ENDVR is a game changer for not only rewarding staff but driving sales, so value on both ends of the channel.”

Sean LasseterStore Manager, Corbett’s

“ENDVR has forever changed the retail landscape for the better. You can tell this app was designed by people who know retail! Fast, efficient, user friendly.”

MikeOwner, S3 Boardshop

How do I ensure that only our employees can access our ENDVR content?

You have complete control over which users/employees can join your store and access your content. You may invite and remove employees at any time, ensuring only verified employees are participating in your sales contests and learning missions.

What kind of rewards can I offer employees?

ENDVR gives you options as to how you want to incentivize employees for participating in and/or completing your contests and content. While cash is a great reward that always moves the needle, you can also offer free or discounted product, store swag, or any other prize you choose!

How does sales contest tracking work?

ENDVR allows employees to submit their sales receipts right in the mobile app. But, even though we’ve made the process as simple as possible, we know it can sometimes still be hard for employees to step away and take the time to submit receipts on their phone. So, we’ve made it so that managers can go in and submit sales receipts on their behalf, ensuring employees don’t miss out on their well-earned rewards.

Does ENDVR replace the need for in-person training?

No! Hands-on employee education is still essential. The value of ENDVR is ensuring the excitement and motivation you create during employee onboarding remains high as associates hit the sales floor and grow their tenure with your company. ENDVR does this by allowing you to educate, engage, and incentivize your store staff right on their mobile phones, keeping your content and promotions forever at-hand and top-of-mind.

Grow Sales and Attract Customers

Let our retail experts show you how your store(s) can achieve their best-ever customer experience and revenue with ENDVR.