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ENDVR Launchpad
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Experience our 4 core verticals: sales incentives, digital education, retail operations & end-to-end fulfillment.
Increase brand sales with sales incentives, digital education, and retail operations.
Improve brand visibility and increase revenue with performance metrics and ROI insights.
Rapid onboarding: Brands can go live on ENDVR in less than 4 weeks from launch
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ENDVR Custom Fit
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Pick and choose the core verticals for a custom platform that fuels your brand's sales success.
Drive sales and sell-through according to your brand's unique needs.
Build a custom sales enablement platform to increase wholesale channel sales & sell-through.
Rapid onboarding: Brands can go live on ENDVR in less than 4 weeks from launch
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ENDVR Platform Core Functionality

Digital Education

  • Hosted Mobile App Based Training
  • Easy Campaign Builder With No Professional Services Required
  • Targeted Access To Brands Retail Networks Only
  • Individual Sales Associate Tracking And In-Store Engagement Statistics
  • Gated Incentivized Campaigns For Discount Codes Or Marketplaces
  • Multiple Rewards Types. Stackable Rewards (Discounts, Product, Cash, Prizes)
  • Pro Deal Via Brand Ecommerce Platform (0% Commission On Sales)

Sales Incentives

  • Hosted Mobile App-Based Digital Sales Incentives
  • Targeted Incentives To Individual Stores, Retail Partners Or Retailer Network
  • Individual Sales Associates Incentives To Drive In-Store Sales
  • Multiple Rewards Types. Stackable Rewards (Sell X Get 1, Product, Cash, Prizes)
  • Fast Digital Transaction / Receipt Submission Process 
  • Real-Time AI-Assisted Transaction Approval
  • Access To Retail Partner Performance And Sell Through Data
  • Employee Sales Contests
  • Store vs. Store Sales Contests

Retail Operations

  • Hosted App-Based Merchandising & Inventory Checks (Reps/Associates)
  • Frontline Retail Employee Surveys (Associates)
  • Management Of Sales Driven In ENDVR Platform
  • Track Learning Completions Per Employee
  • Capture Premium Reviews
  • Retail Campaigns Like Employee Surveys, Inventory Checks, Rep Account Servicing, and Social Media Promotions

End-to-End Fulfillment

  • A Turn-Key Solution for Your Prizing Distribution
  • Customization Digital Rewards Store-Front
  • Same-Day Order Initiation + Delivery Across North America
  • Discounted Shipping Rates + Bulk Shipping Opportunities
  • Dedicated Order Management Support for Tracking, Lost Parcels or Returns
  • Reward Consultation + Fulfillment Reports for Unparalleled Visibility

ENDVR’s Flexible Pricing Model

Pick Your Plan to Meet Your Team’s Unique Needs

ENDVR Launchpad for Brands

All of the ENDVR platform core functionality, plus: 

  • Digital Sales Incentives: $250,000 Sales
  • Digital Education: 250 Completed Modules Per Employee
  • Retail Operations: 1 Merchandising or Employee Survey Campaign
  • Premium Review: 250 AI Assisted Transaction Approvals
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ENDVR Custom Fit for Brands

ENDVR Custom Fit lets you choose the features that matter most: digital education for training access, sales incentives to motivate staff, and retail operations to maintain consistent, on-brand displays. Tailor your plan to drive your brand's sales effectively.
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Other Reasons to Purchase ENDVR

Brands that launch campaigns on ENDVR experience an increase in sales in their wholesale channels.

1. Increased Sales

Brands on ENDVR see significant increases in wholesale sales, with a 38:1 return on associate spend in incentive programs. For every dollar spent, $38 is generated, significantly increasing revenue.

2. Consistent Engagement

ENDVR ensures continuous, accessible training across all locations, enhancing product knowledge and driving sales, even for mid-season hires.

3. Interactive Learning

ENDVR makes training engaging and relevant, helping associates connect with customers effectively, leading to higher sales and better customer interactions.

4. Time-Saving Methods

ENDVR delivers concise, multi-media training, keeping associates on the floor and ensuring comprehensive product understanding, improving sales performance.

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5. Real-Time Incentives

ENDVR provides real-time incentives to all staff, ensuring consistent participation and motivation, driving overall sales.

6. Exceptional Brand Support

ENDVR offers outstanding support during and after implementation, helping brands maximize the platform's benefits, achieving rapid success and fostering long-term collaboration.