Vuori and ENDVR’s Strategic Alliance: Sales Growth in Wholesale Channels

At ENDVR, we highlight the important role of wholesale channels and physical stores in boosting brand sales. We invite you to explore how brands like Vuori utilize retail sales enablement platforms like ENDVR to drive their wholesale revenue to new heights. In today’s fast-paced world, we appreciate the importance of strategic progress and digital innovations in improving sales performance and enhancing sell-through rates in brick-and-mortar retail environments.

The Vital Role of Wholesale in Today's Retail Ecosystem

Why emphasize wholesale channels now? For brands like Vuori, physical stores offer irreplaceable, tactile, and personalized shopping experiences that online platforms simply can’t match. Recognizing the unique value of face-to-face interactions, Vuori leverages ENDVR to redefine customer engagement in their physical outlets. The Director of Wholesale and Event Marketing at Vuori remarked:

This strategy not only meets but exceeds consumer expectations for personalized experiences, fostering deeper connections with every interaction.

Enhancing Customer Engagement Through Technology

Vuori’s integration of ENDVR showcases how strategic digital tools can significantly enhance customer engagement in retail settings. By implementing ENDVR’s retail sales enablement platform, Vuori has equipped every team member to become a passionate advocate for their products, boosting consumer confidence and sales.

The Power of Relationship Building in Wholesale

According to a recent survey conducted by ENDVR among retail sales associates handling branded products in wholesale environments, the impact of digital training and relationship-building is clear:

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