Shop Local Project: ENDVR Partners with Top Brands

There is no sugar coating the devastation that COVID-19 has had on businesses in general, and the retail industry, specifically.

We’ve seen an entire industry shut-down, with stores closing and employees furloughed, creating waves of uncertainty and stress throughout the entire sector. While there are only so many things we can control in this current economic climate, innovation and forward-thinking are paramount when it comes to helping us all weather this storm.

ENDVR has always been focused on bringing together brands, stores, and frontline employees to help drive sales at the retail level. We’re proud to be working with some of the biggest brands in sports, including Burton/Anon, Bolle Brands, CCM Hockey, Baffin Boots, TOMS shoes. And we’re thrilled to have thousands of retail employees at hundreds of stores across North America earning cash and prizes through our app.

COVID-19 has changed everything for us, our partners, and our users. It’s been stressful…let’s be honest, it’s been crazy! But it’s also forced us to ask—what can we do to help?

We know shops are struggling. And we know that a lot of independent sports retailers still don’t have the kind of online presence or shop that would help them during this unprecedented time.

Our team at ENDVR looked at this problem and realized that we could use our skills, know-how and network to bridge the gap and help the local businesses who need it most.

This is why we’ve launched The Shop Local Project — a not-for-profit initiative that supports specialty independent dealers during the COVID crisis. We’re also incredibly grateful to our brand partners who’ve joined this initiative such as Salomon, SPY, Baffin and more, adding their brand power and marketing muscle to help the local businesses that support them.

The Shop Local Project is a digital platform that empowers specialty retailers to sell discounted gift cards, allowing customers to get a great deal on their next purchase, while also helping their favorite local shops when their doors cannot open.

Every time a customer buys a gift card, that retailer receives the payment within a day, helping stores stay afloat now, so they’ll still be here, ready to serve, when we all get past this difficult phase.

Through The Shop Local Project gift card program, retailers get cash today and customers tomorrow.

Helping retail bounce back is going to take a collective effort, and everyone has a role to play.

The Shop Local Project is a great opportunity to support our all-important local, specialty retailers.

To find out how you can get involved, get in touch.

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