Unveiling Harmony: ENDVR’s New Partnership with prAna

In a celebration of sustainable fashion and active living, ENDVR proudly announces its collaboration with prAna. This partnership marks a harmonious blend of style, responsibility, and a shared commitment to positive change in the world of fashion retail.

prAna partners with ENDVR - a digital platform for both brands and retailers, designed to enhance in-store experiences and boost sales performance.

About prAna:

prAna is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle that encourages you to chase adventure, stay active, and look good while doing it. Born in 1992, prAna was founded by Beaver and Pam, two visionaries on a mission to create sustainable and stylish fashion for those embracing active lifestyles. From humble beginnings in a small garage in Carlsbad, California, prAna has evolved, but its core values remain rooted in sustainability, style, and a higher purpose in clothing.

The term “prAna” itself is derived from Sanskrit, signifying breath and the life-giving force that connects all living beings. prAna’s commitment goes beyond just creating apparel; it’s about fostering a deeper connection with the planet and its people.

About the Partnership with ENDVR:

ENDVR’s partnership with prAna is a natural alignment of values. As a platform dedicated to elevating in-store experiences, ENDVR is set to showcase prAna’s sustainable and stylish designs in a way that resonates with conscious consumers. This collaboration aims to empower sales associates with the knowledge and tools needed to convey prAna’s commitment to sustainability, providing customers with an immersive and educational shopping experience.

Why Brands and Retailers are Embracing ENDVR:

For brands like prAna, ENDVR offers more than just a platform; it’s a gateway to transforming the retail landscape. By engaging, educating, and incentivizing retail associates, ENDVR becomes a catalyst for increased sales, brand loyalty, and a positive impact on the planet, bridging the gap between brands and consumers.

The collaboration between prAna and ENDVR signifies a union of innovation, conscious living, and a shared commitment to enhancing the retail landscape.

For Brands: Elevate Your Retail Experience with ENDVR:

  • Seamless Communication: Cultivate consistent communication with your frontline employees, ensuring a unified brand message effortlessly resonates across all channels.

  • Simplified Sales Contests: Effortlessly streamline your sales contests, driving optimal performance on the store floor. Make sales initiatives straightforward, effective, and tailored to your brand’s unique goals.

  • Real-Time Data Empowerment: Instantly access real-time data, empowering you to better support your retailers strategically. Gain insights that go beyond numbers, allowing for informed decisions that boost sales and enhance the customer experience.

  • Training Reinvented: Revolutionize employee training with ENDVR. Offer a rewarding learning experience complete with exclusive pro-deal pricing. Create an educated workforce that embodies your brand values and delivers excellence on the store floor.

  • Dream Trifecta Achievement: Unlock the ‘dream trifecta’ – an educated employee who doubles as a brand ambassador on the store floor, creating a lucrative high-margin sales channel. With ENDVR, turn your retail aspirations into a reality.


For Retailers: Transform Your Retail Operations with ENDVR

  • Centralized Education Hub: With ENDVR, revolutionize your education strategy by centralizing information. Ensure your employees have easy access to updated knowledge in one convenient hub, fostering a more informed and engaged workforce.

  • Cost-Effective Training Model: Experience a transformative cost model for training with ENDVR. Vendors reward your employees for product knowledge and sales performance, offering enticing incentives such as cash rewards, exclusive shop discounts, and more.

  • Data Empowerment: Seize control of your data with ENDVR. Gain valuable insights into the educational levels and engagement of your stores and employees. Use this information strategically to provide additional support where needed, creating a more responsive and empowered retail environment.

  • Free and User-Friendly: Enjoy the benefits of ENDVR without the burden of costs. Our platform is not only powerful but also user-friendly, requiring no complex IT integration. Start using it today to revolutionize your retail operations, enhancing efficiency and maximizing your retail potential.

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