New Partnership Unlocked:Mustang Survival x ENDVR

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership: Mustang Survival and ENDVR are setting sail to redefine how we approach safety gear in a way that’s both secure and engaging for all water enthusiasts.

ENDVR partners with Mustang Survival

About Mustang Survival:

For over 55 years, Mustang Survival has been a beacon of excellence in the field of marine safety. Their legacy is marked by a relentless pursuit of what’s possible in safeguarding those who venture into the water. Whether it’s designing products for NASA, Navy Seals, Coast Guard, or professional athletes, Mustang Survival has consistently demonstrated a progressive level of dedication to their craft. Their heritage is interwoven with a deep love for the water, coexisting with an unwavering commitment to be prepared for any call to action.

The Partnership: ENDVR and Mustang Survival:

Now, let’s talk about the big news — Mustang Survival has entered into an exciting partnership with ENDVR, a company renowned for its ability to empower brands and enhance in-store experiences.

The collaboration brings together Mustang Survival’s cutting-edge marine safety solutions with ENDVR’s expertise in educating and incentivizing sales associates to provide the highest level of service and knowledge to customers. The result? An unmatched retail experience that not only ensures customers receive top-tier guidance but also access to the latest in marine safety equipment.

Why brands and retailers are embracing ENDVR:

Mustang Survival joins other leading brands, including Burton, Oakley, Nixon, Salomon, Giro, Smith, CCM Hockey, Rocky Mountain, and many more who’ve embraced the power of ENDVR to elevate in-store experience, educate sales associates, and incentivize them to sell more.

Find out how ENDVR can help you:


  • Enjoy easier and more consistent communication with frontline employees.

  • Simplify your sales contests to drive sales on the store floor.

  • Access real-time data to better support your retailers and boost sales.

  • Streamline training and reward staff with pro-deal pricing for learning.

  • Achieve the ‘dream trifecta’ of an educated employee who knows your product, a brand ambassador on the store floor, and a new high-margin sales channel.

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  • ENDVR allows all your vendors to centralize education in one convenient place for your employees and update it regularly.

  • ENDVR changes the cost model for training. Vendors will reward your employees for learning about their products and driving sales on the store floor. This includes cash rewards, shop employee discounts, and more.

  • ENDVR allows you to view all the data yourself, identifying the stores and employees who are the most educated and engaged, as well as those who need more support.

  • ENDVR is free to use, requires no IT integration, and you can start using it today.

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