2023 Year in Updates: ENDVR’s Wave of Innovation!

Hello, ENDVR Community! We are thrilled to tell you about the amazing product updates that have made this year a time of innovation and progress — our strong dedication to providing exceptional value is still the most important focus of all the improvements!

ENDVR Brand and Retailers Dashboard

Elevate Your Insights: Discover the Power of Updated Brand and Retailer Dashboards!

We’ve introduced a sophisticated duo: Brand and Retailer Dashboards, redefining your reporting experience. Experience real-time updates, customizable metrics, and instant PDF reports for a comprehensive overview. At the campaign level, delve into insights through organized tabs, enhancing clarity and strategic planning.

ENDVR Dynamic Rewards

Cash Rewards, Redefined: Introducing Dynamic Cash Rewards for Engaging Contests!

In the realm of incentivization, behold the arrival of Dynamic Cash Rewards. This exclusive feature allows for a heightened level of flexibility and control over incentivizing teams, making your contests even more dynamic and engaging, read more in our step-by-step guide.

ENDVR: Brands Invite Retailers

Collaborate Seamlessly: Invite Retail Partners Directly from Your Brand Dashboard!

A pivotal feature for brand engagement, inviting Retailers directly from the Brand Dashboard transforms collaboration. Strengthening relationships with Retail partners, this feature fosters a collective win-win-win scenario for all involved parties. Explore the full details in our comprehensive guide.

ENDVR Frech Localization

Beyond Borders: Experience Deeper Engagement with French Localization!

Bid farewell to language barriers as ENDVR welcomes the French language. Brands targeting French-speaking regions can now conduct campaigns and missions in French, fostering deeper engagement. This is just the beginning; we are laying the groundwork for broader language support!

ENDVR Proof of Employment verification

Security Reinvented: Introducing Proof of Employment Verification for Confidence and Participation!

Ensuring a secure environment, Proof of Employment Verification has been introduced. This additional layer of security is designed to instill confidence and enhance the active participation of sales associates within the community. Learn more about these updates in one of our recent articles.


ENDVR Mobile App

Mobile Mastery: A Wave of Enhancements for a Truly User-Centric Experience!

Mobile users experienced a wave of enhancements, driven by our mission to create a user-friendly experience within all the levels:

  • We introduced the Activity History feature to ensure users stay informed about pending entries, providing a real-time overview of their activities.

  • My Profile underwent substantial improvements, offering an enhanced cash-out process and reflecting a commitment to smoother reward management.

  • The login and sign-up process received a facelift, bidding adieu to temporary passwords and introducing the added convenience of Social Login integration.

  • Now, mobile users have the power to personalize their ENDVR experience with the introduction of a role-defining feature.

  • Additionally, building on the success of referral mechanics, Campaign Sharing has been unveiled, providing a seamless way for sales associates to refer colleagues.

  • Learning campaign updates make completing missions easier and push notifications direct users to specific app screens.

ENDVR Feedback Platform

Shape the Future: Introducing the ENDVR Feedback Platform – Your Ideas Matter!

Your ideas matter! The ENDVR Feedback Platform is your avenue for sharing feature requests and suggestions. Join us in shaping the future of ENDVR by actively participating in this collaborative initiative!

As we wrap up this exciting journey through the stellar updates of 2023, we want to extend a massive thank you to the heartbeat of ENDVR – our incredible community. Your enthusiasm and support have propelled us to new heights, and we’re just getting started.

But hold onto your hats because the best is yet to come! The backstage buzz tells us that 2024 is gearing up as a game-changer, set to revolutionize the in-store retail landscape like never before—new features, heightened experiences, and innovations that will not just meet but exceed your expectations.

So, dear ENDVR community, get ready to witness the unfolding of a new chapter. Stay engaged, share your thoughts, and be part of the revolution!

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