Wholesale Success in 2024: Expert Guide for Active Brands


In the ever-evolving realm of retail, where strategies must adapt to the shifting sands of consumer behavior and economic landscapes, success hinges on innovation and foresight. For active brands seeking to navigate the complexities of the wholesale channel in 2024, ENDVR is excited to introduce a game-changing Strategic Guide for Active Brands “How to Maximize Your Brand’s Wholesale Channel in 2024″.

Drawing insights from recent surveys, industry analysis, and frontline experiences, this guide equips brands with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate the wholesale landscape with confidence and clarity.

Navigating the Wholesale Landscape of 2024

Economic fluctuations and shifting consumer behaviors have confronted active brands with unprecedented challenges in the wholesale realm. Factors such as high-interest rates, increased layoffs, and demands for better product education have reshaped the dynamics of retail engagement. Traditional strategies must be revised to address these pressing concerns, calling for innovative approaches to drive sales and ensure revenue growth.

Insights from the Frontline: Retail Staff Surveys

To gain a deeper understanding of the current state of wholesale channels, we turned to frontline retail associates in the active outdoor sector. Their invaluable feedback sheds light on crucial aspects impacting retail operations and employee satisfaction. Key aspects include:

Unlocking Strategies for Success

Armed with insights from frontline employees, we have actionable strategies to elevate brand presence and drive sales in the wholesale space:

  1. Increase Product Knowledge: Comprehensive product training empowers retail associates to advocate for the brand effectively, boosting sales and customer satisfaction through enhanced product knowledge.
  2. Build Relationships: Fostering genuine relationships with retail employees, acknowledging their efforts, and promoting open communication breeds loyalty commitment and boosts brand advocacy, driving sales.
  3. Embrace Technology: Harnessing digital platforms like ENDVR optimizes training, communication, and incentives, fueling engagement and yielding crucial sales and customer insights.

Empowering Brands with ENDVR

As a trusted partner for brands seeking to revolutionize their retail approach, ENDVR offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of both brands and retail employees. With features such as education modules, incentivized sales programs, and seamless communication channels, ENDVR empowers brands to drive revenue growth and foster meaningful relationships with frontline teams.

And now with our Strategic Guide: How-to Maximize Your Brand’s Wholesale Channel in 2024 – Active Brands have a roadmap to navigate the complexities of wholesale channels in 2024. By harnessing insights from frontline retail associates and leveraging innovative solutions like ENDVR, brands can adapt, thrive, and succeed in an ever-changing retail landscape.

Access the guide now to get all the information and learn how your brand can reach wholesale success with ENDVR:


For additional resources on how to transform your brand’s retail engagement by empowering frontline staff, boosting brick-and-mortar and wholesale sales, and strengthening your brand’s competitive stance, join monthly webinars on enhancing sales in brick-and-mortar stores hosted by ENDVR!

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