Strategies for Success in 2024: Key Insights for Surf & Active Brands

In the fast-paced world of surf and active retail brands, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for brand success. Join us as we explore the latest insights from the sales floor, dive into the thriving surf and active brands market, and unveil actionable strategies to thrive in the retail space.

Surf Market Overview:

The market for surf and active outdoor brands is on a steady growth trajectory, with projections indicating a substantial increase in market size, translating to an estimated increase of USD 2,513.43 million between 2023 and 2028. Factors such as the rising popularity of outdoor activities and the demand for sustainable products are driving this expansion. Recent research conducted by ENDVR in collaboration with the Surf Industry Members Association (SIMA) sheds light on the thriving surf apparel and accessories market: with over 70% of sales associates expressing interest in tech-driven products, and 35% of customers prioritizing style and design, while 31% consider brand reputation, the demand for innovative and sustainable surf gear is higher than ever.

Emerging Trends in 2024:

As we look ahead, several trends are set to shape the surf industry:

  1. Tech Integration: Embrace tech-driven products like smartwatches and GPS-enabled surfboards to meet the demands of tech-savvy consumers.

  2. Sustainability Focus: Incorporate eco-friendly materials into product lines to appeal to environmentally-conscious surf enthusiasts.

  3. Enhanced In-store Experiences: Create immersive retail environments to boost customer engagement and drive sales.

Strategies for Success:

To excel in the competitive surf market, brands should implement the following strategic approaches:

  1. Prioritize Merchandising: Brands annually waste $104 million due to suboptimal in-store execution. Therefore, enhancing product displays and layout should be a priority for improving the shopping experience and driving sales. Using ENDVR, you can launch digital merchandising campaigns in your retail partners’ stores to ensure your displays always look impeccable.

  2. Invest In Ongoing Training: Implement comprehensive educational programs for sales associates to arm them with product knowledge and selling techniques. Our recent research shows that over 70% of sales associates express a need for more product information from brands to improve their selling abilities. Furthermore, 68% confirmed their reliance on digital platforms like ENDVR for product knowledge.

  3. Leverage Technology: Utilize digital tools and platforms such as ENDVR to streamline sales processes, track store performance in real-time, and enhance customer engagement. With ENDVR your displays are not just noticed but remembered, your decisions are not just strategic but data-backed, and your collaborations are not just partnerships but harmonious endeavors.

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