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Retail Trends for Surf and Active Outdoor Brands in 2024:
Insight From the Sales Floor

About the Webinar:

Dive deep into the dynamic world of retail trends as ENDVR, in collaboration with the Surf Industry Members Association, provides invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of surf and active outdoor brands in 2024. Drawing from real-time data and industry expertise, this webinar offers a comprehensive analysis of consumer behavior, emerging market trends, and innovative sales strategies to empower brands, retailers, and sales associates alike.

Unlock Insights:
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What you will learn:

  • Market Overview: Explore the current state of the surf and active outdoor industry, reflecting on the challenges and successes of 2023 and projecting trends for 2024.

  • Emerging Trends: Gain insights into emerging trends shaping consumer behavior, including the rise of sustainability, eco-friendly materials, and the impact of surfing's popularity on market growth.

  • Customer Preferences and Insights: Understand shifting consumer preferences and behaviors, informed by real-time data and feedback from the sales floor.

  • Strategies for Success: Learn innovative sales techniques and strategies to navigate economic instability, manage inventory effectively, and diversify the sales pipeline.

Exclusive Offer for SIMA Members:
Unlock streamlined sales processes, improved communication, data-driven insights, and seamless integration with ENDVR.
Enjoy a 10% discount on the partnership, empowering your brand with cost-effective solutions tailored for success in the surf and active outdoor market.

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What Is ENDVR?

ENDVR’s platform empowers brands to elevate in-store experiences, educate sales associates, and incentivize them to sell more, giving brands exactly what they need to acquire customers and take full advantage of their most important sales channel

What Our Clients Say

SMITH logo.png

VP Global Sales at SMITH Optics

"We have noted enhanced growth rates within accounts that have utilized ENDVR, and the simplicity and instant gratification for the floor staff have been key. On the backend, we receive robust, yet simple to digest, reporting that helps us to evaluate our performance and product success better".

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