Make Retail Sales Contests Fast and Fun: Digitize Them!

Success is achieved through sales.  This is the ultimate goal for both retailers and brands.

Sales contests are a great way to drive sales, improve marketing initiatives, and bolster employee engagement.

The trouble is that these types of contests can be clunky.

They take a lot of time to create.  They’re cumbersome to implement, and all too often end up with bags full of receipts for your marketing team to mine through.

In a traditional contest, everyone is forced to wait for the final tallies and results to find out who actually won.  This kills contest momentum, making it difficult to capitalize on the enthusiasm built through the process.

Yes, sales contests can be annoyingly time-consuming, but they’re effective. It’s why brands and retailers keep doing them.

Fortunately, with a smartphone in every pocket, there’s a simpler solution that makes sales contests faster, more fun, and even eliminates those dreaded piles of receipts.

The secret is digitization with ENDVR.

ENDVR allows brands and retailers to create dynamic sales contests that can be implemented in real-time at the click of a button. These contests are sent directly to the frontline through our simple, easy-to-use app, establishing consistent and on-going communication between you and them…and allow you to monitor participants’ sales performance at each store.

These contests are also very intuitive for users.   They gamify the experience, keeping participants engaged and motivated to sell over the course of the entire contest.

Through the app, participants get instant access to contest stats via a live Leaderboard. They can see where they stand at any point in a contest, which encourages friendly competition and brand engagement while also boosting sales.

So, how do you build a digitized sales contest?

First, invite sales associates in your retail network to download the ENDVR app for free. Then, easily build a sales contest on ENDVR and send it with targeted distribution to the employees at the stores following your brand. Once the contest is launched, you can monitor performance and start collecting data immediately.

They’ll receive a push notification with contest details, encouraging them to participate and reminding them to regularly check out their position on the live leaderboard—all done through the simplicity of their trusted smartphone.

It’s a strategy that lets you establish a direct line of communication with brand ambassadors, and will help to build on-going relationships with your frontline.

Creating contests through ENDVR are great ways to disseminate and clarify your brand messaging to the people selling your product.

With ENDVR, you can integrate sales contests into your overall marketing initiatives with minimal effort while also maximizing the results.

To find out how ENDVR can make your next sales contest fast, easy and fun, click here and book a demo.

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