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Sales contests

Contests are great at driving sales…but let’s face it, they’re hard to manage! They require a lot of work on both the brand & retail side, and give you no visibility until they’re over! 

That all changes with ENDVR.

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Building contests

With ENDVR, you can create a contest in minutes and start seeing real-time visibility of sell-through in market.

Our easy to use contest builder allows you to define the reward, the duration and the criteria for participating

Choose between running an Individual contest or a 'Store Vs Store' contest to create some fun competition! 

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Add a leaderboard to gamify the experience and motivate associates to sell more!



From your admin panel, you get real-time visibility of what products are selling, at what stores and what price.



ENDVR also gives you the ability to reward associates with free or discounted product for meeting defined sales criteria in a contest or achieving learning goals. 


Associates can shop for product rewards directly on the app from your contest page.

Add the product, the discount and the criteria for success (i.e sell 10 get 1 free).


This keeps all sales associates motivated to sell throughout the duration of each contest, even if they know the grand prize is out of reach!

ENDVR can also build you a custom Rewards store to manage the product you use to Incentivize sales! 

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Targeted grouping

With targeted grouping of your retailers, you could have multiple versions running at the same time with different dealers.

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With ENDVR 3PL (3rd Party Logistics), not only can we build you a custom product rewards store to incentivize sales, but we can also handle all the final mile logistics of warehousing & shipping of your reward orders.

  • A turn-key solution for you to reward users with product.

  • Save time & money, let us help you deliver a great experience.

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