Goodbye NewKnow, We’re on to a New ENDVR

NewKnow started out with two friends who had a good idea and turned it into a good product. This process allowed us to build a great team, create scalable technology, and develop incredible customer relationships.

But this process also showed us just how elusive true product-market fit can be.

While we’re proud of the work our team has accomplished, we know now that we can do better.

Building NewKnow gave us the opportunity to gather valuable customer feedback that helped us isolate and identify the complex challenges retailers and brands face in the 21st-century market.

We’ve always known that brands and retailers want better, more direct connections to sales associates.  And NewKnow did this, but not in the way we envisioned, and not in the way our customers ultimately needed.

At the end of the day, companies need sales staff to sell more.

They need a sales-boosting solution suitable to the 21st-century retail space.  

This is why we’ve developed ENDVR.

ENDVR lets brands and retailers offer cash incentives to sales staff through digitized sales contests, gamified training and social media promotion.  This means that the frontline can become online influencers and in-store brand ambassadors, all while earning extra money.

In return, brands and retailers get better frontline engagement, on-going real-time access to shop-floor intel and broader marketing reach through authentic micro-influencers.

ENDVR gives you the ability to increase your exposure and drive more sales.

It’s the simple, cost-effective app we always wanted to build.  It’s the app our customers asked for. It’s the good idea that’s turned into something great!

For this reason, we are discontinuing NewKnow.  We are grateful for the customers we worked with and we are thankful for the experience and wisdom we’ve gained.

But it is time for a new endeavour.

To find out how ENDVR can help you, speak to one of our launch specialists.

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