ENDVR’s Product Updates [summer 2023]

Discover the latest ENDVR’s updates for our brands, retailers and sales associates: from enhanced reports and Dynamic Cash Rewards to French language localization and Campaign Sharing, we’re bringing more flexibility and control to your ENDVR experience.

Dive into the details and elevate your engagement today!

ENDVR Product Updates for Brands & Retailers

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Updated Brand and Retailer Dashboards:

Say hello to Brand and Retailer Dashboards — a game-changing feature that will revolutionize your reporting experience. What’s in Store for You?

Brand Level Reports:

  • Get a quick snapshot of key metrics right on your dashboard.

  • Real-time updates that refresh every 15 minutes.

  • Filter by groups, and locations, and select a date range that suits you, including custom options.

  • Export your report in PDF format instantly, with no need to wait for emails.

Campaign Level Reports:

  • Dive deep into campaign insights with Summary, Leaderboard, Rewards, and Prizes tabs.

  • Global filters remain consistent across all tabs.

  • Customize your date range to fit your needs, including custom selections.

  • Enjoy an improved Summary dashboard with updated tile names for better clarity.

  • Leaderboard filters include search, contest type, and rank options.

  • Export leaderboard data in PDF format with choices like Top 50, 25, or 10 rankings.

  • Easily filter and search on the Rewards and Prizes tabs.

  • Access CSV reports for campaign data types such as codes, completions, and stores.

Dynamic Cash Rewards Are Here:

Our sales contest services have been fantastic, but we understand that flexibility is key when it comes to motivating and rewarding your front-line employees. That’s why we’ve taken a bold step to offer you more options and greater control over how you incentivize your teams.

Now, you can turn on Dynamic Cash Rewards within a single mission, making your contests even more exciting.

Note: Dynamic Cash Rewards are currently exclusive to cash rewards and not available for other reward types.

Localization: French Debut:

Say “au revoir” to language limitations! We have added the French language to our platform. Brands targeting French-speaking regions like France or Canadian Quebec can now create campaigns and missions in French, and this will lead to more engagement from your sales associates. It’s all about making it work for you — better communication means better results!

But our journey doesn’t stop here. We are laying the foundation for multiple languages across our platform, making it easier to expand to new markets.

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ENDVR Associate Mobile App Updates

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Personalize Your Experience and Define Your Role:

We are excited to introduce a brand-new feature that allows you to define your role within the app. This is not just about customization, it’s about creating a tailored experience just for you!

To take advantage of this feature, complete your profile and select your role from the following options:

  • Retail Associate

  • Store Manager

  • Store Owner

  • Brand Sales Rep

You can also upload a profile picture for a personal touch. The information you provide helps us better understand our community and make your experience even more relevant and engaging.

Share and Earn with Campaign Sharing:

Our referral mechanic has been a hit, with users consistently referring their colleagues. Now, we’re taking it a step further with campaign sharing. This feature allows sales associates to refer their colleagues more effectively and engage with campaigns like never before.

With a share icon on every campaign tile, you can effortlessly share exciting campaigns with your colleagues. But it’s not just about sharing — it’s about earning! As a referrer, you’ll receive rewards when new users create an account and complete their first mission.

If your colleagues aren’t on the app, no worries! We’ll take them to the App Store/Google Play for a quick and easy installation.

Improved Login and Sign-up Process:

With our updated login process, you can say goodbye to temporary passwords. Now, you can create your own password during the sign-up process or reset it hassle-free. We have also added chat support during the account creation flow. You can now contact our dedicated Customer Support team whenever you need assistance. Additionally, you can easily change your location by typing it in or using our interactive map.

Bonjour, French Localization:

Say hello to our first language addition – French!

Users who have selected French as their device language settings can now seamlessly experience our app in their preferred language.

We respect the nuances of your language, and content will not be auto-translated, ensuring an authentic experience. Push notifications will be delivered in the language selected by you, regardless of the campaign’s original language. Additionally, you will receive emails in your device’s language settings, providing a seamless experience from start to finish.

We’re laying the foundation for more languages to come in the future, making it easier to connect with users across the globe.

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