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CCM Hockey Partners with ENDVR

We are happy to announce that ENDVR has been chosen to be CCM Hockey’s global partner for sales associate training and incentivization.

Training Sales Associates in the Post-COVID World

How to deliver training when you can't do it person.

Shop Local Project: ENDVR Partners with Top Brands

There is no sugar coating the devastation that COVID-19 has had on businesses in general, and the retail industry, specifically.We’ve seen an entire industry shut-down, with stores closing and employees furloughed, creating waves of uncertainty and stress throughout the entire sector.

Sales Contests with ENDVR: Burton & SPY experience

Old school paper receipt sales contests are now a thing of the past thanks to ENDVR

How Top Brands Boost Sales with Incentivized Training

How do you create a training program that will help the frontline to boost your brand's sales?ENDVR was designed to do just that and more!

How the Right Training Will Boost Your Sales

As a brand you know that the frontline teams in-store boosts sales by engaging customers with the right messaging and the right product knowledge. If you need your frontline to engage the customer, then you must engage the frontline through on-going communication and education.A well-trained sales associate is a confident frontline worker. Empowered by knowledge, they understand how to offer the best customer service and support to anyone who walks into the store.

6 Tips To Build Great Retail Training

Sales contests are great ways to boost sales and build morale among your frontline. Digitizing these contests makes them all the more fun and easy to do.

6 Tips for Creating a Great Retail Sales Contest

Sales contests are great ways to boost sales and build morale among your frontline. Digitizing these contests makes them all the more fun and easy to do. However, the added efficiency of a digitized sales contest doesn’t guarantee optimal outcomes. Like any great sales contest, the digitized version still needs to motivate your sales team so you can get the results you want and the data you need.

Make Retail Sales Contests Fast and Fun: Digitize Them!

ENDVR allows brands and retailers to create dynamic sales contests that you can implement in real-time at the click of a button.

Goodbye NewKnow, We’re on to a New ENDVR

NewKnow started out with two friends who had a good idea and turned it into a good product. This process allowed us to build a great team, create scalable technology, and develop incredible customer relationships.But this process also showed us just how elusive true product-market fit can be.While we’re proud of the work our team has accomplished, we know now that we can do better.

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