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ENDVR connects brands with retail sales associates to sell more products and increase sales, sell-through, and revenue in wholesale channels.

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Proven Solutions to Recoup Your Lost Revenue

Traditional retail sales enablement for brands are offline, falling short and leaving revenue opportunities on the table.

Increase Brand Knowledge

An associate who has been trained on your brand will talk about it consistently. In fact, 97% of associates feel confident selling brand products they have been trained on.

Constant In-Store Presence

Heavy brand rep workloads lead to infrequent store visits, limited training, and reduced brand exposure, causing outdated product info, untrained new hires, and lost revenue. Our mobile app connects brands to frontline staff, providing convenient access to your brand, content and support.

Improve Brand Visibility

Product misplacement or incorrect displays can lead to missed revenue. An estimated $104 billion is lost yearly due to poor product displays. Enhance your brand’s visibility with the right tools to increase in-store sales.

Targeted Incentives

Every interaction is an opportunity to elevate your brand sales and in-store presence. With targeted incentives and rewards, brands can motivate and engage frontline staff to sell your product.

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A Brand’s Digital Solution to Wholesale Revenue Growth

Your brand can deliver sales incentives, product education, and merchandising checks directly to frontline retail sales associates' mobile devices, bypassing middle individuals. Brands can easily and conveniently empower frontline staff to sell brand products more effectively.
  • Get connected with store associates
  • Enhance brand knowledge with 24/7 digital education
  • Offer and track sales incentives
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
How It Works


Increase revenue by converting associates to ambassadors.

Sales Reps

Keep your stores engaged even when you’re not there in person.


Educate and motivate employees to grow sales and reduce turnover.

Sales Associates

Earn cash, discounts, and free products from the brands you love.

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Grow Your Brand Sales in Your Wholesale Channel
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Physical retail remains a brand’s largest sales channel.

  • 85% of purchases are
  • 70% of consumers prefer shopping in-store

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We’re modernizing brand-to-retail-to-in-store-associate relationships with impactful tech.

  • Web-based platform for brands & stores
  • iOS/Android app for sales associates

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Track your sales, sell-through, and inventory data to improve product mix and merchandising.

  • See what’s selling the best and where
  • Forecast reorders and training needs

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