Retail Trends for Surf and Active Outdoor Brands in 2024: Insight From the Sales Floor

Retail Trends for Surf and Active Outdoor Brands in 2024: Insight From the Sales Floor

Dive deep into the dynamic world of retail trends as ENDVR, in collaboration with the Surf Industry Members Association, provides invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of surf and active outdoor brands in 2024. Drawing from real-time data and industry expertise, this webinar offers a comprehensive analysis of consumer behavior, emerging market trends, and innovative sales strategies to empower brands, retailers, and sales associates alike.

What You Will Learn

Market Overview: Explore the current state of the surf and active outdoor industry, reflecting on the challenges and successes of 2023 and projecting trends for 2024.

Emerging Trends: Gain insights into emerging trends shaping consumer behavior, including the rise of sustainability, eco-friendly materials, and the impact of surfing’s popularity on market growth.

Customer Preferences and Insights: Understand shifting consumer preferences and behaviors, informed by real-time data and feedback from the sales floor.

Strategies for Success: Learn innovative sales techniques and strategies to navigate economic instability, manage inventory effectively, and diversify the sales pipeline.

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