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DTC and Wholesale in 2024:
Finding the Balance to Drive Brand Revenue

About the Webinar:

Join industry experts Matt Powell and Steve Gendron on May 30th at 2 pm EST for the insightful webinar, where we will explore current and future retail trends, lessons from major brands, and strategies for building strong brand-retailer relationships and data-driven decision-making.
Register today to gain actionable insights on optimizing your brand's position in the ever-evolving retail landscape!


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Steve Gendron

CEO and Co-Founder of ENDVR

Steve Gendron, Co-Founder and CEO of ENDVR, has been an influential figure in the retail industry for 20+ years. Steve launched his career by opening his retail store in Montreal, QC, handling the distribution of products from notable brands such as TOMS and Havaianas.
Recognizing the potential of technology to revolutionize retail, Steve co-founded ENDVR, a retail sales enablement digital platform for brands and retailers.

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Matt Powell

Analyst in the Sports Retail Industry

Matt Powell is a seasoned industry expert with over 50 years of experience in the retail industry, specializing in the sporting goods industry for the past two decades. As a past leading Sports Industry Analyst for The NPD Group, now called Circana, Matt is acclaimed for his insights into athletic shoes and sporting goods, boasting one of LinkedIn's top 1% most-viewed profiles, frequently quoted by major business publications, and followed extensively on social media platforms. Matt is also known for his "Sneakernomics" blog on Forbes.

What Is ENDVR?

ENDVR’s platform empowers brands to elevate in-store experiences, educate sales associates, and incentivize them to sell more, giving brands exactly what they need to acquire customers and take full advantage of their most important sales channel

What Our Clients Say

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VP Global Sales at SMITH Optics

"We have noted enhanced growth rates within accounts that have utilized ENDVR, and the simplicity and instant gratification for the floor staff have been key. On the backend, we receive robust, yet simple to digest, reporting that helps us to evaluate our performance and product success better".

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