Training Sales Associates in the Post-COVID World

How to deliver training when you can’t do it in person.

Even though businesses are beginning their gradual reopening post-COVID, social distancing remains essential, creating many challenges for retailers who need to train and interact with their staff.  

Unfortunately, PK nights are over.  Gone are the days of reps bringing pizza, beer, and swag into a shop and cramming twenty sales associates into a room for a clinic.  They are too expensive, time-consuming, and in this environment too stressful for both brands reps and the retail employees they’re looking to educate.

Given all this, how do you keep sales associates engaged and in-the-know so that they sell better in store?

ENDVR Solves This Problem

ENDVR is an easy-to-use app where brands and retailers can reward sales associates with cash, product and prizes for completing training or participating in digital sales contests that help drive sales on the store floor.  

While ENDVR is a great tool that offers a particularly timely solution for our immediate post-COVID challenges, this incentivized platform has always offered huge benefits to brands, retailers and sales associates —

For Brands:

  • It lets brands offer cash rewards to sales associates who learn about the products and new brand initiatives.

  • It streamlines the process for sales contests, making it way easier for marketing teams to track progress and tally results.

  • It creates a clear and on-going line of communication between the brand and the frontline.

For Retailers:

  • It makes it easier to ensure that you have a well-informed, well-trained team throughout each and every season.

  • It allows the brands you represent to send training missions, sales contests, and social media initiatives, directly. 

  • It gives your team the opportunity to earn rewards when they participate in sales contests and training, keeping them happy and incentivized to do their job well.

With ENDVR, retailers get a better trained and more engaged staff for free.  It can all be done through each associates’ personal smartphone, which means no complicated distancing, no unnecessary contact, and it allows retailers to track engagement and performance.

Whether you are a brand or a retailer, your frontline sales associates will love ENDVR!

SPY Optic was thrilled with the results from their first training mission. The majority of participants completed the training, and feedback from frontline employees was overwhelmingly positive:

“I felt more confident with my sales pitch after completing the knowledge quizzes, especially with SPY.”

–  Emily, Outer Limits Marmot Basin, Jasper, Alberta

“This is an awesome way to spread knowledge outside of the store setting or the PK sessions.”

– Colin, Showcase Snowboards, Whistler, BC

“ Love this way of learning.  Great job.”

– Alex, Ernie’s Sports Experts, Fort. St. John, BC

“I think paid training on the app is great, and a fun way to get people to actually read learning materials and get excited about products and selling them.”

– Molly, S3 Grand Prairie 

With ENDVR, there’s no need for seasonal PK nights from brands to keep associates up-to-speed. This simple app ensures sales associates have the most up to date info they need to deliver a great customer experience every shift, all season long.

Top brands have embraced the power of ENDVR

In the past year, many brands have joined ENDVR to increase frontline employee engagement, including CCM, Burton, Anon, Spy, Bolle, Salomon, Slowtide, TOMS, Vuori, Stance Canada, Altra, BN3TH, Baffin, Parks Project and many more. These brands love ENDVR because it makes engaging with front line employees all season long easier than ever before, plus, with ENDVR’s incentivized missions, it is incredibly effective.

We know that bouncing back from this crisis is going to take time and coordination between all stakeholders. 

ENDVR is a flexible and simple tool to help brands and retailers motivate and train retail staff, even when it can’t be done in person.

To find out about ENDVR or to learn more about our special deals on ENDVR Plus, talk to a representative today.

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