The Future of Outdoor Retail: Shaping Up to New Trends


The outdoor retail scene is buzzing with changes! Consumer habits are shifting, inventory management is getting smarter, and sales channels are diversifying. All these shifts are changing the game for how brands connect with us—moving away from old-school retail to something way cooler and tech-driven.

What’s Happening Right Now?

The retail landscape for outdoor gear is as wild as a mountain trail. With a market value of around $12 billion in 2023 and a growth trajectory aimed at a 6.2% increase annually over the next five years, things are looking up. Thanks to our growing love for eco-friendly gear, store aisles are staying busy. As digital smarts and a thirst for sustainable products shape our shopping, outdoor brands are stepping up their game. They’re overhauling how they manage stock and woo shoppers, ensuring brick-and-mortar stores aren’t just surviving but thriving, setting up to lead the charge in redefining retail excellence.

Facing the Retail Challenges Head-On

It’s not all clear skies, though. Outdoor brands face tough climbs with fragmented retail networks and high staff turnover, making it tricky to keep in-store service top-notch—which can mess with sales big time. Add to that the challenge of online competition and ad blockers, and it’s a tough market out there. But it’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving by finding smart ways to bridge these gaps.

The New Retail Playbook for Outdoor Brands

The outdoor industry’s market dynamics are like the weather in the mountains—always changing. Brands and retailers are hustling to tweak their strategies, getting smarter with inventory and more in tune with what shoppers want. It’s all about innovation and smart pivoting these days, aiming to snag those growth opportunities even when the sales forecast looks a bit gloomy. Brands are getting crafty with their marketing spend and digging deep into insights to boost visibility in stores.

Discover how emerging technologies and shifting consumer preferences are transforming outdoor retail. Learn how ENDVR enhances in-store experiences, increases sales, and meets modern shopper demands.

Tools like the ENDVR retail sales enablement platform are becoming superstars, helping stores amp up their sales with slick visual merchandising, on-point training for store teams, and sweet incentives that make products fly off the shelves. Plus, as tech gets slicker and shoppers shout for more personalized vibes, brands are jumping at the chance to spice up in-store moments and dive into the booming wholesale scene. This move is opening doors to not just sell more but to connect more deeply with folks who crave unique and engaging shopping experiences.

Tech as the Retail Superhero

With the retail landscape shifting under our feet, technology has strapped on its cape to save the day. Solutions that ramp up in-store engagement are more crucial than ever, bridging the gap between what consumers want and what they get. The ENDVR platform is at the forefront, arming store staff with the know-how and tools they need to make sure products don’t just sit on the shelf—they get noticed and loved. This is how we’re boosting visibility and sales in the concrete jungle of physical stores.

Catch the Wave with ENDVR

Interested in diving deeper into these trends? ENDVR just hosted an insightful webinar on retail trends and how outdoor brands can make a splash. It’s packed with insights and available for you to check out now!


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