How the Right Training Will Boost Your Sales

As a brand you know that the frontline teams in-store boosts sales by engaging customers with the right messaging and the right product knowledge.

If you need your frontline to engage the customer, then you must engage the frontline through on-going communication and education.

A well-trained sales associate is a confident frontline worker. Empowered by knowledge, they understand how to offer the best customer service and support to anyone who walks into the store. It’s a tried-and-true tactic that makes for happy customers and higher sales.

View education as an investment

On-going education is an effective way to mitigate the difficulty of training high-churn sales associates, which is all too common in retail.

In fact, investment in education and employee development is a major contributor to employee retention, according to LinkedIn’s 2018 Learning Assessment Report. This is because quality training demonstrates your faith in your employees and their future.

If you invest in your workforce, they’ll be invested in helping you in the longer term, especially when it comes to implementing an effective marketing and sell-through game plan.

Remember the frontline’s superpower!

Sales representatives are often the only in-person connection that customers make when they consider your product and your brand. It’s crucial that the sales team is engaged with your brand and on-board with your vision.

So, what’s the challenge?

Training the frontline in-person every season is difficult to measure when it comes to overall effectiveness. And these traditional training formats can be expensive, with the bulk of the budget going towards overhead.

Which begs the question — is this the best way that a brand can train and engage with in-store retail staff?

And the simple answer is, no!

Effective training should happen throughout the year, not just once a season. Brands need to focus their efforts on developing associates’ brand-knowledge and investing in regular communication to remain top-of-mind on the store floor.

Thanks to app technology, this is more than just achievable…it’s easy and fun!

ENDVR is an app designed to empower retail sales associates to engage with the brands they sell, through a variety of missions-types, which now also includes training!

These training missions help brands ensure that the frontline knows their brand in order to sell their products in the most effective way possible. Training missions are short and easy-to-complete. They bolster healthy competition and offer cash rewards, making the experience fun and effective for the frontline.

And launching a mission couldn’t be easier:

  • Sales associates download the app onto their phone for free.

  • Brands build the mission.

  • They can target missions to launch to all stores or to specific retail partners.

  • Brand missions arrive via push notifications for targeted frontline associates.

  • Sales associates sell the product that’s top-of-mind and they are most familiar with.

The brand has complete control when it comes to designing its missions. Whether it’s evergreen content available all season long, or a flash mission for a weekend crash course, ENDVR allows brands to distribute training on their own schedule, at their desired cadence.

ENDVR offers the opportunity to scale training and marketing initiatives. It allows your sales and marketing team to connect directly to associates on a regular basis and at a higher frequency.

But wait…there’s a bonus!

Training via ENDVR can be incentivized. This means that brands can offer cash rewards and promotions to sales associates who choose to participate.

It’s a small investment that boosts participation in the program while increasing associates’ brand engagement by keeping your brand top-of-mind when associates are selling on the store floor.

Retailers benefit too

While in-person product knowledge clinics are great, they’re expensive for the retailer to run, which means they’re infrequent and usually only available to a few brands a year. ENDVR gives retail employees access to instant & on-going brand training financed directly by the brands. It provides more effective training while also saving retailers money.

ENDVR gives brands greater choice and autonomy to communicate their brand story to the frontline selling their product. Fully customizable digital education modules allow you to personalize each course to your brand and products, and easily update as needed.

And education doesn’t have to be product specific! Any information you think could move the needle on the store floor can be packaged & shared across your entire dealer network in an instant.

ENDVR’s incentivized engagement model creates a direct and on-going connection between you and the frontline, ensuring clear and consistent brand messaging across all points-of-sale, and ultimately, driving higher sales.

It’s simple, flexible and fun to use, with cash rewards and exciting contest prizes to ensure engagement and high participation rates.

ENDVR makes it easier than ever before to engage and empower your sales associates to sell better in the store.

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