5 Simple Tips to Create Better Retail Sales Contests

Deliver innovative digital sales contests that boosts sales.

Digital sales contests are sleek, simple, and highly effective. Like traditional sales contests, they boost sales and build morale among front line employees.

But unlike the more traditional, analog methods, these sales contests provide real-time data, direct points of contact with each associate, and eliminate all that dreaded paper. Using an app, like ENDVR, is an easy way to design and launch your contest.

Once implemented, how do you make your contest a success? What do you do with the data?

Here are five ways to best utilize your sales contest data to improve your marketing initiatives, boost sales, and create even better contests in the future.

Use the Data in Real-Time

Real-time reporting shows you what products are selling, at what stores and at what price

Building a digital sales contest through apps like ENDVR allows you to collect data in real-time.  A well-designed sales contest will have clearly defined KPIs with metrics to match. Communicate your data to participants, highlighting team, and individual achievements throughout the game.  This will keep the frontline motivated and focused on performance. 

Diversify Your Success Markers

Remember that a successful sales contest does not exclusively depend on financial outcomes.  Constructing multiple goals and rewards that celebrate not only sales, but also most improved, or highest participation, or best teamwork with store vs. store contests. Don’t just reward the top seller, be sure to remember the middle-achievers in your frontline.  What data would help them with their professional growth? Use the data to motivate team members who’ve gotten better throughout the contest. Remember, this is about inspiring a team, not just one person.

Award at the Speed of Your Contest

Real-time leaderboards keep associates engaged & motivated to sell more

Digital sales contests let you build and launch contests that are fast and efficient, which means that you need to be equally quick and responsive too! With our live leaderboards, participants will see the winner(s) as soon as the contest ends. Make sure that you give out the prizes almost as quickly.  Don’t kill the momentum of your sales contests by lagging on the back-end with a slow reward distribution.

Powerful Pipeline for Iteration and Improvement

Digital sales contests connect you with each participant directly.  This real-time visibility allows marketers to analyze contestant behavior in a clear and straightforward way.  Look for elements in your contest missions that motivated better engagement and analyze the aspects that elicited a lower response rate.  The direct connection to your frontline provided by ENDVR empowers your team to reach out to individual participants to learn more. This means you can ask top and lower performers about their experience, so you can build better contests in the future. 

Make Use of Your Archived Results 

ENDVR makes sure that your data is collected and recorded in a clear, standardized manner.  The data collected through sales contests can help build better marketing initiatives, and help shape future sales contests and missions.  Digital sales contests garner a wealth of useful information, so we help your contests stay organized season after season.

Digitizing your next sales contest is a great way to improve sales, boost team spirit, and get valuable data.  ENDVR makes it easier than ever to gamify marketing and sales initiatives, all while building a direct connection with the frontline employees selling your product.  By incentivizing their engagement, we help make them your most passionate brand ambassadors on every store floor.

Talk to one of our launch specialists and start building your next great sales contest today!

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