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Turn your frontline sales associates into your most passionate ambassadors, both in-store and on-line.
Watch your sales grow! 


ENDVR for retail

Sales associates are the face of your business,  and can have a significant impact on your bottom-line. . . good or bad!

ENDVR is a sales boosting app that easily allows you & the brands your store sells to educate associates on their products & how to best sell them. 

Through digital sales contests you & your brands will motivate your team to sell more every shift. 


Employee training

Your employees can't have 20 brand training portals on their phone! On ENDVR, you centralize all your brand partners training in one convenient app.

Plus your brands will reward your employees with cash & prizes for learning about their products - at absolutely zero cost to you.

With ENDVR For Retailers, you can digitize your training and reward your frontline employees for successfully completing it, all with real-time visibility of their performance. 

You also get full visibility on how your employees are engaging with your brand partners.   Click below to learn more!  

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Digital sales contests

Contests are great at driving sales, but let's face it, they're hard to manage and are difficult to track. 


ENDVR streamlines the sales contest experience. Instant cash & prizes boosts your employees income while live leaderboards motivate them to sell more.


With ENDVR For Retailers, you can also track how your employees are performing in brand-led contests running at your stores.  


Marketing missions

As respected influencers in their social circles, you can also empower your employees to be drivers of business to your store through their personal social media accounts.

This can include promoting events or new exclusive products.​ Your brand partners can also reward your employees for promoting your store as a destination for their products.

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Frontline feedback

As the face of your business, retail employees can provide unparalleled insight into what your customers are looking for.  Trying to get that information from all your employees is a challenge. 


Whether it's a quick survey to measure consumer market trends, price/inventory checks to make sure you have the right product in store or a competitive analysis to see what your peers are doing in market, ENDVR gives you the flexibility to gather the data you need, when you need it.


Secret shoppers

Create a group of secret shoppers and get feedback in real-time as they visit your stores and engage with your employees. 

With live visibility, you'll be able to rate the quality of service your team is delivering, and find ways to improve your experience for all customers.

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