Data-Driven Triumph: OTIS Eyewear’s Sales Campaign on ENDVR

Data-Driven Triumph: OTIS Eyewear's Sales Campaign on ENDVR

Discover the winning formula behind OTIS Eyewear's retail excellence as they collaborate with ENDVR. Together, they aim to not only enhance their retail success but also revolutionize the way they empower and incentivize their retailers and sales associates!
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State of Things for OTIS Eyewear Before ENDVR

Before OTIS Eyewear started using the ENDVR platform, the traditional method of sales contest involved distributing envelopes with cash and vague instructions to retail stores, resembling a treasure hunt.

OTIS Eyewear's Biggest Challenges were:

Unclear Sales Contest Approach

Lack of Visibility

Disorganized Distribution

Absence of Concrete Data

Navigating Without Clarity

To overcome this outdated and haphazard approach, OTIS needed a transformative solution enabling a more strategic and data-driven sales contest strategy.

As OTIS prioritized sustainability in a market full of plastic alternatives, it faced the challenge of balancing premium pricing & cutting-edge technology, they also worked on implementing strategies to support and empower retailers and their store associates. We spoke with Alex Colvin, sales manager at Core Surf USA and representative of OTIS, who shared his experience and insights on overcoming this challenge:

“We were looking for new ways to not only inform the staff but also to incentivize retailers to learn about the OTIS Eyewear Brand and help them sell our products more efficiently and effectively to their customers.”

Finding the Solution - ENDVR All-in-One Digital Platform:

To address this challenge, OTIS Eyewear turned to ENDVR – a platform that elevates in-store experiences, educates sales associates, and incentivizes them to enhance sales performance through digital campaigns. Associates receive rewards such as cash, discounts, free products, or prizes upon completing each campaign.

Alex Colvin explains the decision: “We partnered with ENDVR because, first of all, they gave us an opportunity to educate and train retail staff by utilizing the training platform to communicate the real value of the product. Secondly, as a premium brand, we felt that it was critical to reward the retailers and their staff for selling OTIS Eyewear to end customers. ENDVR helped us encourage and amplify sales of our product, exceeding our and our retailers’ expectations.”

The ENDVR Difference: Structure, Visibility, and Data-Driven Insights:

Results of Sales Incentives:

In the world of sales contests, the traditional approach was like a guessing game. But with ENDVR, OTIS gained control and insights, transitioning from the Stone Age to the Space Age. They can now check leaderboards and monitor store activity in real time.

According to Alex Colvin, they can delve deep into the data, store by store, style by style, finally gaining an understanding of who’s participating, what’s selling the best, and what’s not quite hitting the mark.

No more unpredictable sales journeys; it’s all about strategic moves. With ENDVR, OTIS transformed its sales contests into an organized, visible, and data-driven powerhouse. Their sales campaign on ENDVR involved 120+ stores and achieved impressive results:

Experiments with Learning Missions:

OTIS values knowledge and has revolutionized its brand story-sharing through learning missions on ENDVR. These missions create a direct link between the brand and shop employees, making them feel valued and connected.

“We want the learning mission to be easily accessible to shop employees, whether or not a sales rep is present,” says Alex. “It’s like a digital sales training clinic. It’s not complicated; it’s simple, straightforward, and effective. Shop employees can quickly grasp the key selling points by looking at the questions and translate that knowledge into sales, even if they only skim through it.”

OTIS's Advice for Brands: Keep It Simple and Empower Retailer Staff

When it comes to sales contests and strategies, OTIS has valuable advice that can be a game-changer for other brands in the industry. Here’s what you need to know:

  • 01.
    Embrace New Technologies
  • 02.
    Simplify Your Contests
  • 03.
    Know Your Product Range
  • 04.
    Empower Retailer Staff

ENDVR isn’t a “must” for OTIS simply because others are using it; it’s a must because it aligns perfectly with the brand’s mission to connect with customers effectively in the digital age. It ensures accessibility, simplicity, and tangible results. Otis has seen the impact firsthand, and for any brand looking to thrive in today’s fast-paced retail environment, ENDVR is more than just an option – it’s the key to staying relevant, connected, and successful.

​Alex Colvin sums it up: “If you’re looking to grow your business, across the board or within specific retailers, ENDVR has proven that it’s helped elevate our brands and products to new heights in a lot of cases.”

Ready to revolutionize your in-store retail game and elevate your brand like OTIS Eyewear?

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