Revolutionizing Mountain Hardwear’s Go-To-Market Strategy with ENDVR

Revolutionizing Mountain Hardwear's Go-To-Market Strategy with ENDVR

Mountain Hardwear has been using ENDVR for 3 years. Discover how they have embraced innovative ENDVR solutions to enhance their go-to-market (GTM) strategy and maintain their competitive edge in the market.
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State of Things for Mountain Hardwear Before ENDVR

Before using ENDVR, Mountain Hardwear faced challenges in managing sales contests, learning initiatives, and merchandising checks. Traditional methods involved distributing discount cards and PowerPoint presentations to reps, who would then visit sales associates door-to-door. However, with limited reps and numerous doors, reaching every sales associate was nearly impossible.

Mountain Hardwear Biggest Challenges were:

Educate sales associates about products

Simplify organization of sales contests

Improve visibility and measurability on sales contest results

Gain insight into the visibility of POP displays

Improve reach, engagement, and relationship-building with sales associates

“Before using ENDVR, a rep would reach out to me if they wanted to organize a sales contest, and I would almost dread it because it was never as simple as you wanted it to be. After figuring out the details & and the prize, you’d create a poster to promote the contest and just hope that the rep does a good job explaining it to the store and then that the store keeps track of printing the receipts. It was always kind of a mess. When the contest ended, you never really had any idea if it went well or not, or if it helped to increase sales.”
– says Kelly Caccamo, former Marketing Manager at Mountain Hardwear Canada.

The Impact of ENDVR at Mountain Hardwear

With the adoption of ENDVR’s learning modules, sales incentives, and visual merchandising checks, Mountain Hardwear experienced a transformative shift in its Go-To-Market strategy.

Let’s explore the impact that each of these initiatives on ENDVR had on Mountain Hardwear.

Sales Incentives

ENDVR transformed Mountain Hardwear’s approach to incentivizing sales associates. Instead of relying on traditional methods such as discount codes and SWAG, they implemented frequent learning campaigns on ENDVR. Sales associates who completed these campaigns were rewarded with cash, discounts, free products, or prizes. This new approach proved to be highly engaging for sales associates: “I remember being quite shocked at the engagement right off the bat. I thought it would start slow and it didn’t. We were very pleased with that.”

– says Kelly.

Visual Merchandising Checks

Before using ENDVR, Kelly struggled to track the effectiveness of the expensive POP displays they purchased. With ENDVR, they can easily request and receive pictures of fully built in-store POP displays from multiple stores, allowing them to quickly assess their impact.
“The fact that you can now set up a merch check on ENDVR and ask sales associates to post a photo of the POP once it’s installed, is huge! There was just no way of keeping track of that before.”

B2B Customization

Mountain Hardwear also utilized ENDVR for its B2B relations with retail partners.

They would mention it to buyers, offering to push sell-through with learning campaigns and sales contests if they purchased a specific product. Additionally, they created customized campaigns for their most important stores, tailored to their specific assortment — store owners loved this personalized approach.

Kelly says: “Store owners loved it because it was so catered to their store.”

Experiments with Learning Missions:

One standout feature of the ENDVR platform, according to Kelly Caccamo, is its user-friendly interface that simplifies mission building and launching. This accessibility makes it suitable for users of all skill levels.

Another key benefit for Mountain Hardwear is the access to detailed campaign results and the ability to effortlessly navigate the platform even after months of inactivity. This data-driven approach greatly aids in reporting and justifies their use of ENDVR, showcasing positive ROI.

Furthermore, the access to data enables them to make logical decisions and integrate ENDVR into their GTM strategy.

Mountain Hardwear's Advice for Brands: ENDVR - Your Shortcut to Success in Wholesale Marketing

ENDVR solved many pain points that Mountain Hardwear and many brands in the retail industry have. It’s a win-win-win situation for brands, retailers, and sales associates. Kelly said: “There’s just no easier way to engage retail staff with your brand and then give them sweet rewards for doing it. If you are in wholesale marketing and you don’t use ENDVR, you’re missing out huge. It will help in so many ways. It will make your job so much easier!”.

Inspired by Mountain Hardwear's Triumph with ENDVR?

ENDVR’s platform doesn't just simplify processes; it transforms and enhances the efficiency of your job. Elevate your strategy now – to explore how ENDVR can revolutionize your Go-To-Market strategy, schedule a call with ENDVR and start your journey to seamless customization, real-time impact, and continuous evolution!