A Strategic Guide for Active Brands: How-to Maximize Your Brand’s Wholesale Channel in 2024

2024 Retail Strategy: A Checklist for Action Sports Brands in Brick-and-Mortar

A Checklist for Active Outdoor Brands in Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Welcome to ENDVR, a retail sales enablement platform empowering brands to excel in the retail space. You’re just a step away from accessing our exclusive 2024 retail strategy checklist. Discover key actions brands are taking to enhance in-store experiences, adapt to digital shifts, and foster customer loyalty.

  • Insights into the strategies that leading brands are implementing to succeed in the current retail environment.
  • From enhancing in-store experiences to mastering digital technology and retail automation.
  • This checklist is a guide to staying ahead in 2024.

Understand why these strategies are crucial now more than ever, and assess if your brand aligns with the latest industry practices.

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Physical retail remains a much bigger sales channel than online.

  • 85% of purchases are in-person
  • 70% of consumers prefer shopping in-store

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We’re modernizing brand-to-retail-to-in-store-associate relationships with impactful tech.

  • Web-based platform for brands & stores
  • iOS/Android app for sales associates

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Track your sales, sell-through, and inventory data to improve product mix and merchandising.

  • See what’s selling the best and where
  • Forecast reorders and training needs

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