Data Report: Increase
Your Brand’s In-Store Sales

Data Report: Increase
Your Brand's In-Store Sales

This report includes insights for brand leaders to understand where and what to invest in to capitalize on their market share in physical stores. With data from 500 sales associates across North America, along with key takeaways from ENDVR’s Fireside chat with Matt Powell, a renowned Sports Retail Industry Analyst, it provides actionable strategies for Brand’s looking to drive sales in brick-and-mortar stores.

Key Insights Include:

  • Customer Decision-Making: 60% of customers decide on a brand when they step in a store – see how a strong in-store presence can capture these sales.
  • Brand Knowledge: Equip sales associates with your brand knowledge to handle top customer questions on price, quality, and more.
  • Targeted Incentives: See how targeted incentives and rewards can increase your brand sales, especially using platforms like ENDVR.

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We Help Grow Your Brand Sales in Wholesale Channels
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Physical retail remains a much bigger sales channel than online.

  • 85% of purchases are in-person
  • 70% of consumers prefer shopping in-store

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We’re modernizing brand-to-retail-to-in-store-associate relationships with impactful tech.

  • Web-based platform for brands & stores
  • iOS/Android app for sales associates

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Track your sales, sell-through, and inventory data to improve product mix and merchandising.

  • See what’s selling the best and where
  • Forecast reorders and training needs

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