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How to sell employees on ENDVR

  • They could make extra Cash with every sale.

  • They can unlock FREE product when they hit sales goals.

  • There are TONS of brands on ENDVR awarding cash, discounts and prizes. 

  • Employees get $2 for referring other users at their store.


E-mailers & leave-behinds

  • Did your brand create a poster for the latest campaign? Be sure to e-mail it to all your accounts, and print for store visits.

  • Order FREE business cards with your unique referral code.


Intro Card

Send us your info and we'll mail you 100 customized intro cards with your unique referral code on them, absolutely free! 

These can be handed out during store visits, and when employees sign-up using your code, you'll make $2 for each! 

Order my 100 customized cards

intro cards

Rep Resource Page

ENDVR helps your retailers sell more of the brands you work with. 

More sales = More repeat orders = Bigger booking orders =  More Commission for you!

On this page you'll find resources to help you introduce store employees to ENDVR, and get them excited to join! 

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