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Successful Brand Reps Prioritize Frontline Relationships

Successful brand sales representatives understand that building solid relationships with frontline retail sales associates leads to increased in-store sales

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How Can ENDVR Help Boost Your Sales and Customer Acquisition?

ENDVR's platform enhances the brand-retail sales team connection, equipping brands with tools to engage, educate, and incentivize salespeople. It also provides data for brands and sales reps to optimize sales and marketing initiatives for a competitive edge.


Your Displays

Always Look Great

Strengthen Your Relationships

with Sales Associates


Your Clinics

Are Never Missed

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Claim Your FREE ENDVR Intro Cards: 

  • Submit your information, and we will send you Free 100 customized Intro Cards, each with your unique referral code, completely free of charge!

  • Hand these out during store visits, and for every employee who signs up using your code, you will earn a cash bonus.

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What Are The Sales Associates' Benefits?

  • They become more knowledgeable and can provide better advice.

  • They feel empowered and motivated to do more during their shifts.

  • They can unlock free products when they hit sales goals.

  • They can receive a cash bonus for referring other users to their store.

  • Numerous brands on ENDVR offer valuable incentives.

How to Drive ENDVR Adoption:

  • Download the ENDVR app.

  • Join your brand's sales rep store (look for the referral code!). 

  • Refer others to join ENDVR and earn rewards.

  • Claim your FREE ENDVR intro cards.

  • Share digital and physical media from the brand.
    (You can send it via email to your retailers or share it in-store)

Discover the Power of ENDVR:
Join our Exclusive Rep Training Webinars!

Join our training session to explore the amazing capabilities and potential of ENDVR! Gain valuable insights into how ENDVR can elevate your brand and provide unparalleled visibility into your operations. With this knowledge, you'll make informed decisions to accelerate your growth!

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