With our easy to use education module builder, and the ability to connect successful learning to product discounts, ENDVR makes managing your shop employee discount program a snap!

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Key benefits

  • Educated front-line employees at all points of sale

  • Real-time visibility on where education is being consumed

  • New high-margin direct sales channel

  • Brand ambassadors on the store floor helping customers with their purchasing decision! 

How it works

for brand admins


Build learning modules with video, images and quizzes.

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Group them into categories.



Define the criteria for success, and add your discount codes.  You can also choose to incentivize learning with cash, free products or other rewards.



Launch with targeted distribution to your retail network. 



With ENDVR 3PL (3rd Party Logistics), not only can we build you a custom product rewards store to incentivize learning, but we can also handle all the final mile logistics of warehousing & shipping of your orders.

  • A turn-key solution for you to reward users with product.

  • Save time & money, let us help you deliver a great experience.

How it works

for store employees


Store employees receive a push notification, letting them know there is a new opportunity to learn & earn from your brand

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They complete the training modules, tracking their own progress in real-time.

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When they’ve successfully completed it all, they automatically receive your discount code and are directed to your site (or a custom store we build for you) to shop! 

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Create pro deals now!

Beyond shop employees, you can also use ENDVR to manage pro-deal pricing programs for your influencers, athletes & ambassadors. Connect Social media sharing missions to their seasonal codes, ensuring they’re actively supporting your brand all year.

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