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Elevate Your In-Store Experience, Educate your Sales Teams and Incentivize Them to Sell More

Front line sales associates are the face of your business. A motivated, educated sales team helps drive sales. 


Digitized education to teach your employees about brands and products you carry


Get a better educated front-line employee who is more confident on the floor!


Digitized sales incentives motivates and incentivizes employees to confidently sell more


Brands reward your employees with cash, product and prizes!

Find & keep great employees thanks to all the extra benefits they earn via ENDVR!

Are you a retailer new to ENDVR?
Get started Today.

  • Download our mobile app and create / join your store!

  • Invite your employees by downloading and printing off the below poster for your backroom  

  • No Cost and instant access to pro deals, sales contests and PK training from brands you carry


Are you a retailer already using ENDVR?

Introducing, ENDVR for Retailers!

Our FREE web app platform for owners, managers and regional managers.

You are in the drivers seat with more control and better visibility about how your employees are performing in your store on the phone app.

All the benefits of ENDVR, plus more!

Manage Your Store(s)

  • Connect all your store locations in one place and organize them into groups.

  • Keep your store private with a locked store or unlock at anytime.

  • Invite admins and store managers to have access and visibility into their store on the phone app.

  • See if your employees are active on ENDVR and see what brand campaigns they are participating in. 


Manage your Employees

Invite and remove employees at anytime, ensuring only verified employees are participating in sales contests and learning missions

Employee Reports:

Have real time visibility and tracking of missions completed, total sales and money earned by all your employees!

See who is the most engaged and who needs some help!

Submit Sales Contests Entries on behalf of your employees

We know it can sometimes be hard for employees to manually submit sales receipts on their phone.

Managers can now submit sales reports on behalf of their employees and employees will still receive their reward!


Launch your own Learning Missions and Sales Contest

  • Knowledgeable and motivated sales associates deliver better experiences and sell more!

  • Easily create your own training to educate your employees on new products, brands and new hire onboarding.

Don’t wait for brands to launch sales contest. Easily build internal shared campaigns and invite your brands to offer the reward

News Feed

Engage sales associates with an exclusive on-app channel for your store

  • Inform employees about upcoming product launches, promotions or events

  • Share selling tips for new products / reviews

  • Announce winners of internal sales contests

  • Share customer reviews and give props to your team

  • Introduce new staff members to your team

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