Sales contests

If you want to motivate front-line employees to sell more of your product, and get real-time visibility of that sell-through, you're going to like ENDVR. 


Sales contests move the needle, but they're incredibly time consuming for both you & your retailers, and give you no visibility of their success until they're done. With ENDVR, you'll streamline the entire process and see sales happening in real-time

Boost your brand at the frontline with sales contests, product education, empl0yee feedback and so much more! ​

Digital Learning

An Educated frontline that knows your brand & products is much more likely to sell it...but educating them at scale is the major challenge.  

In-person training is great to do, but it's expensive, time consuming and provides no measurement of success. When you combine that with large territories and the high turnover of retail employees, they're also very inefficient.

ENDVR digitizes your store associate education, allowing you to send targeted training to the dealers you want, when you want.  With cash rewards, you can ensure all active employees are engaging and ready to tell your story.   


By providing shop-employee discounts for learning about your products, you can also turn ENDVR into a new sales channel for you. Talk about a win-win!  

Field tool for Sales Reps

Your sales reps are your primary eyes & ears on the ground.  With ENDVR you can send targeted missions for them to complete from the road after each store visit.

Missions can include merchandise checks, price checks, employee clinics and more.  

Get before & after photos so you'll always have the confidence you're 'on-brand' in market.



As the face of your brand on the store floor, retail employees can provide unparalleled insight into the state of your business.  

  • Send a quick survey to measure consumer market trends

  • Merchandise / inventory checks to make sure you have the right product & right fixtures at all points of sale.

ENDVR makes big time consuming job easy!  Gather the data you need, when you need it, at scale!



We all know sales associates can be your greatest ambassadors on the store floor, ENDVR expands your marketing reach by making them your greatest ambassadors on-line too! 

ENDVR allows brands to amplify their marketing reach by rewarding store employees with cash for promoting their products on Social Media, and the retailer as a destination for them. 


Create a group of secret shoppers and get feedback in real-time as they visit the stores selling your brand and engage with the employees. 

With live visibility, you'll be able to rate the quality of product knowledge at your retailers, and quickly identify the ones you can better support.

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