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How do I know the users following me actually work in retail?

Great question! First-off, you have complete control of what stores (and employees) can follow your brand and access your missions.  If you don't approve a store (or block one later), employees at that store can no longer access your missions.

Secondly, the value of our product is the quality of our users, so we incentivize our network of retail employees to self-police their store.  Should someone attempt to join who doesn't work there, they'll be flagged by actual employees & removed by ENDVR.

Can I just reward with cash?

No, ENDVR gives you options as to how you want to incentivize employees for engaging with your brand.  While cash is a great reward that always move the needle, you can also use product (free or discounted) as a reward, or any other prize you choose!

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