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puts you in the drivers seat with more control and better visibility about how your employees are performing! 

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All the benefits of ENDVR, then more! 

With private stores on ENDVR For Retailers, you have complete control of the employees working at your stores.


Add and remove them as needed, ensuring only verified employees are receiving your learning and participating in sales contests. 

Better Data,
Increased Visibility


On ENDVR, you get real time visibility on how your employees are engaging with your missions (sales contests, training, etc).  

With ENDVR For Retailers, you also see how they're interacting with your brand partners! Who's the most engaged and worthy of praise...and who needs a little help - now you know!​

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Flip the cost of training upside down!

Brand led training clinics are how you ensure your staff are equipped to sell every season. The problem is they're expensive, infrequent and provide no direct way to measure success.

That all changes with ENDVR For Retailers. Now your brands can reward your employees with CASH and prizes for learning about their latest products. 


Employees get access to more info, they learn on their own time (saving you money!), are compensated for it and you track their success in real-time! 


Submit sales contest entries via the web!

Contests run on ENDVR are powerful tools for driving sales & sell through at your store.  However, we know that in big box stores, or during busy seasons, it can be difficult for store employees to track & submit sales in brand contests on their phone. 


Now, managers at ENDVR For Retailers can submit sales on behalf of their employees via the web! 

Employees still get access to their individual rewards (cash, product & prizes) without having to manually submit each sale at the end of their shift. 

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