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Digital Learning

Retail employees naturally sell the products they know best. Making sure they know the most about yours is the goal! 

With our easy to use builder, you can create engaging training modules with videos, images and fun quizzes on your schedule.

  • You define the target audience, the criteria for success and the reward you'll pay for learning about your brand.

  • Upon successfully achieving your desired passing grade, employees are rewarded with cash or shop-employee discounts.

  • In the high-turn world of retail, you can now have confidence that every employee selling your product has access to the latest information they need to sell it.

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With detailed reporting you can track the progress of your training in real-time.

  • See which locations and which employees are most engaged with your brand's learning.

  • Know what information they understand, and what they're struggling with.

  • Learn & improve your training as needed.


Product Rewards

In addition to cash, you can also incentivize education with product, rewarding employees with great discounts for learning about your brand.

  • You get a better educated employee who knows your brand and is ready to sell it.

  • You get brand ambassadors on the store floor who wear / use your products

  • You get a new high-margin revenue channel.



With ENDVR 3PL (3rd Party Logistics), not only can we build you a custom product rewards store to incentivize learning, but we can also handle all the final mile logistics of warehousing & shipping of your orders.

  • A turn-key solution for you to reward users with product.

  • Save time & money, let us help you deliver a great experience.

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