G2 Recognition: New ENDVR Rewards – Winter 2024 Edition!

In the spirit of celebration, we are excited to announce that ENDVR has earned 11 impressive badges in the G2 Winter 2024 Awards! Thanks to our clients ENDVR has proudly secured these awards, signifying our commitment to meeting customer needs and facilitating brands and retailers in connecting with front-line employees on a sales floor through digital education, sales incentives, and retail operations. Proudly highlighting our dedication to delivering exceptional services, reshaping the retail landscape, and being recognized as an industry leader, these badges showcase the success we achieve together with our valued customers. Additionally, ENDVR has been featured in 16 winter reports, solidifying our position in the market.

ENDVR G2.com badges

11 New G2 Awards is More than a Symbol: It’s a Commitment to Excellence

Our badges include Leader Winter 2024, Best Estimated ROI Winter 2024, High Performer Mid-Market Americas Winter 2024, and User Love Us – this remarkable achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the retail landscape.

We are proud to say, that these awards cover various categories, highlighting our dedication to user satisfaction, ease of use, and impactful results and each badge reinforces our position as a leader in the retail solutions industry.

But the “Leader Winter 2024”, “Best Est. ROI Winter 2024” and “Users Love Us” badges hold a special place in our hearts.

These badges are more than just symbols; they represent our dedication to providing top-notch services and reshaping the retail industry.


Thank You for Trusting Us!

Our heartfelt thanks to our clients whose trust and genuine reviews have propelled us to this remarkable milestone. Continuing our growth journey from our fall accolade as Top Performer, your feedback fuels our continuous improvement and inspires us to redefine the retail experience.

A Pledge for Tomorrow:

As we celebrate these badges, our journey continues! ENDVR is committed to pushing boundaries, refining our platform based on user insights, and fostering a retail future where every brand, retailer, sales rep, and store employee thrives.

Join us in celebrating this achievement and we are looking forward to what lies ahead in the dynamic landscape of retail innovation!

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