Congrats on winning your prize!
Now it's time to earn more!

ENDVR rewards you with cash, product & prizes for your hard work everyday.  As a top performing employee, you've now unlocked the ability to earn even more!  

On this page you'll find 4 exclusive missions that will reward you with extra cash!  Good luck! 


Mission 1: Sticker in-store! 

In your reward box you'll find an ENDVR sticker that will help your colleagues get signed up too! Your mission is to:

1) Put it up in your back store, or behind your cash.​

2) Upload a picture of the sticker in your store below, and we'll add $2 CASH to your account.

(PS - don't forget to add your unique referral code to it and earn $1 when colleagues sign-up using it!)


E-mailers & leave-behinds

  • Did your brand create a poster for the latest campaign? Be sure to e-mail it to all your accounts, and print for store visits.

  • Order FREE business cards with your unique referral code.

Mission 2: Give us a review! 

Good reviews in the App store or Play Store help us get more brands signed up to reward you!  

1) Find ENDVR in your app store.

2) Tell the world about your great experience and give us those stars!!
3) Upload a screen shot of your post and get $3 CASH

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