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How to Run an Efficient, Impactful and Successful Sales Contest

















Sales contests are powerful tools for brands. They incentivize and motivate sales associates to talk about their products and sell them to customers. And this extra push goes a long way for brands.

Current Situation
Let’s start by looking at each step of the process and how they are currently managed, before diving into the solution.

1. Determine the objectives

This is often overlooked because there is simply no way to know the ROI, although having a clear picture of the results is paramount to running a successful sales contest.

2. Organize the Contest

Which stores will be targeted? What products will it push? What is the reward? How will the reward get to each associate? What is the total budget? How will the information get from the brand to each store?

3. Manage the Contest

Is the poster even up in stores? Does the whole team know about the contest? Will they keep the receipts and submit them? The management of the contest is just as complicated as the organization.

This is the current and problematic situation. Now, what is the solution? A platform designed and engineered for brands that do sales contests.


ENDVR is a digital and scalable platform that enables brands to boost their in-store sales and customer acquisition, through sales contests amongst other things.

On ENDVR, this is how a sales contest goes.

The decision is made to launch a sales contest. The person responsible for organizing it goes into the mission creation page of ENDVR. They can choose to create their sales contest from a template, to get a head start.





Every information needed for the contest is asked, step by step, on the platform. From the instructions to the reward and the way or moment you want the contest to end.

Once the contest is ready, it is launched and immediately reaches the phone of every sales associate in the stores that were targeted by the brand.











With ENDVR, the management of contests is extremely smooth. Brands have access to each entry that is made by frontline employees in real time. They can validate or reject them, depending on the quality of the submission. This verification can also be done by ENDVR.

During the contest and once it is done, brands have access to the exact results and ROI, anytime and anywhere through their custom dashboard. This allows brands to know for every dollar invested, how much they got in return.


The dashboard gives insights into what products were sold the most thanks to the contest and at what price. Brands also have visibility over what stores and individuals performed the best.

Moreover, it allows brands to know if they reached their goal, which they set before launching the campaign.



















So, here’s a summary of the steps with ENDVR:

1. Determine Your Objective

How much do you want to sell during that contest?

2. Create & Launch Your Contest

Create your sales contest through ENDVR, being guided the whole way. Launch it when it’s ready and reach sales associates immediately.


3. Manage Your Contest

Consult your dashboard to know how things are progressing throughout the contest. Verify and validate each entry, or let ENDVR take care of that part.


4. ROI & Analysis

Depending on the setting you chose, the contest will end once the budget you had entered is exhausted or at the date you had chosen.


Then, your dedicated ENDVR account manager will make a campaign analysis and make recommendations to refine your next campaigns. Together, you will also look to see if you hit your goal. This way, you are sure to make the most out of the ENDVR platform.


To run an efficient, impactful and successful sales contest, brands need to be autonomous and have access to every relevant metric. The organization and management need to be simple.

ENDVR is a platform that makes it all possible, while saving brands time and improving their results.


Watch the full one-minute testimonial from the VP of Sales at Nixon here.

Visit our full website to know how ENDVR could help your brand.

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