Independent retailers like you are the lifeblood of our industry. 

This is a collective of industry brands that recognize that, and want to help you get to the other side of this, and bounce back as quickly as possible.


This is a platform to sell ‘brand sponsored’ gift certificates on behalf of independent retailers, who perhaps don't have an e-commerce presence of their own to do so.

At, customers will be able to buy gift certificates for your store at a discounted rate (i.e $90 for $100), and you get sent cash on a daily basis.


This will allow retailers to get cash today, and customers in-store tomorrow.


Good for helping with your cash-flow, good for consumers who get a deal on their next purchase, and good for brands as they have a viable retail partner on the other side of this.

How to Start

There are ZERO costs for you and ENDVR does not make money on this.

Today you simply accept the invite one of your brands sent you, or create your own independent account below and start selling gift-cards for your store. 


Once approved, you'll have an account set-up within 24 hours.

Then we just ask that you help create awareness of the program using your own social media channels.

Support Tomorrow

When you invite one of your brands to sponsor you as well, you also get help tomorrow! Your vendors can commit to investing a portion from each gift certificate sold (i.e $1, $5, $10 from a $100 gift card) to support you once you re-open. 

This can come via EDNVR in the form of:

  • Product knowledge training, 

  • Digital sales contests or; 

  • Social media missions to have employees promote their store as a destination for your brand.


Each brand will offer different levels of support which could come via ENDVR or note, it is 100% up to them.

But they are making a commitment to help you bounce back as quickly as possible when you open again. 

Next Steps

Click on the button below to get started and fill out the quick 2 minute form.


Once approved, we'll be in touch with a custom e-mailer you can use to invite your other vendors to join too!

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