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Refer a Colleague

When you refer your colleagues to ENDVR, you'll earn $2 when they sign-up using your unique referral and complete their first approved mission.  

The more you refer, the more you earn!

Remember, ENDVR is ONLY for current, active employees at your store, and we're counting on you to keep it clean!  Inviting ineligible users could result and expulsion from the ENDVR network and forfeiting of all earned rewards. 


Refer a Brand

When you refer brands to ENDVR, you get access to more money making missions! Please let us know what brand you'd like to see on ENDVR next, and we'll reach out. If they sign up and pay $100 to associates, we'll send you $100 as our way of saying thanks!*  

Thank you for submitting. 

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