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How Brands Can Maximise Customer Acquisition Between Digital and In-Store

















Digital and wholesale are two channels brands need to navigate carefully. Brands need to build long-term, partnership-like relationships built on trust with their retail partners. But brands still need a great website that provides in-depth information to their customers. So, how should brands navigate this?

Discover how brands can maximise customer acquisition between digital and in-store, the platform that enables and empowers them to do so and the ways Nixon and other brands use it.

A Few Words About DTC and Wholesale


Digital has some pros, but the biggest challenge for a brand exclusively exploiting this channel is that they have to do everything internally related to customer acquisition and marketing. And with digital advertising costs rising and conversion rates dropping, it’s getting harder to acquire customers online.


The biggest advantage of the wholesale channel for brands is many points of distribution, high exposure, and traffic brought to them by their retail partners, driving customer acquisition. Around 85% of purchases are made in retail stores. Brands need a presence in store.


Hybrid Approach


For these two reasons, brands need to build strong relationships with their retail partners and make the most out of their locality, visibility and notoriety within their communities. Every day, retailers allow brands to reach new prospects that would not have interacted with their brand. They need to leverage this strong customer acquisition channel.


But, brands still need a good website where shoppers can get information, shop and buy. Digital services like Locally allow a brands websites to display retailers available inventory and make their brands website shoppable at their retail partners. 


We believe a hybrid approach with digital and in-store is the way to go. More importantly, the relationship between brands and retailers needs to be a partnership. Brands cannot compete with their retail partners to sell the same products. And brands and their reps have a vital role to play in the sell-through of their products in stores. 

Before We Dive Into the Solution – Why Do People Love Shopping In-Store?

It’s getting easier to shop and buy online and one could wonder why it is not taking over the whole market. Well, because in-store shopping is an experience that is much richer than online shopping.


Shoppers love to see, touch and feel the products. They love to get expert advice on the products they want. They love the overall experience. This is especially true in the bike industry, where products are so exciting and people are passionate. In this context, in-store experiences bring positive emotions and create memories.

Capitalizing on What Shoppers Love to Increase Wholesale Customer Acquisition and Sales – the ENDVR Platform


Now that we’ve established what people love about in-store shopping, how about we give brands and their reps a tool to double-down on that? Let’s make this partnership a winning one and drive in-store customer acquisition.


ENDVR is a platform designed for brands in the sports, bike and outdoors industries. It enables and empowers them to have a great impact on wholesale customer acquisition and sell-through by reaching sales associates on their phone with campaigns. Upon completion of each of the campaigns, associates are rewarded with cash, discounts, free product or prizes. Here are four ways brands can impact customer acquisition and sales with ENDVR by capitalizing on what shoppers love.


  1. Motivated sales associates create great experiences for wholesale customers. With ENDVR, brands can launch, manage and track digital sales contests in a scalable way. The Sales Managers for Giro in North America says: “If you’ve ever run a manual sales contest from past, you really appreciate the ease and the efficiency of this wonderful tool.” (Watch the full one-minute testimonial here)

  2. Motivation is one thing, but knowledge is another. Shoppers want to be advised by knowledgeable sales associates that can bring value to their in-store visits. With the ENDVR platform, brands can reach store employees right on their phone with bitesize, frequent learning modules about every technical detail of their products.

  3. One aspect related to shoppers’ good in-store experience is the look and feel of the retail store and merchandising is a big part of that. ENDVR offers the possibility for brands to launch merchandising campaigns. Get employees of all your stores to make your products attractive and good looking, without having to get there yourself and receive pictures of the final results.

  4. Lastly, as we know, the digital space allows brands to gather insights directly from their customers. With ENDVR, brands can send surveys directly to store employees, asking them what are the biggest objections they face, what is their brand’s easiest product to sell and why or any other question. The Marketing Director at Burton tells: “ENDVR is not only a great experience, it’s a massive resource saving solution for brands and retailers that want to train, incentivize, and gather quality data and intel from their sales associates.”

Nixon is one brand that has been using ENDVR for more than 3 years now. They have a great informative, transactional website for their digital channel. But, they realize and embrace the fact that they need to collaborate with their retail partners in order to increase their wholesale customer acquisition and sales.


Nixon uses ENDVR to:

  1. Incentivize sell-through across thousands of points of distribution.

  2. Increase product-knowledge amongst frontline employees.

  3. Turn frontline employees into brand advocates and reward them for their advocacy.


Watch the full one-minute testimonial from the VP of Sales at Nixon here.

Visit our full website to know how ENDVR could help your brand.

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