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Attract & Retain Top Employees With Benefits Through ENDVR

Frontline sales associates are the face of your business, they drive sales through the quality of their service, bringing customers coming back again and again


How Can ENDVR Help Boost Your Sales and Customer Acquisition?

The ENDVR platform empowers brands to build stronger relationships with your retail sales teams, giving them the tools they need to deliver incredible customer experiences; helping retain staff, and making working at your stores that much more rewarding

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Confident Front-Line



Employee Education

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Cost-Free Access

to Pro Deals

How To Get Started
with ENDVR Mobile App?

For Retail Store Managers :

  • Download our mobile app and create or join your store;

  • Invite your employees by downloading and printing the poster below for your backroom;

  • Enjoy No Cost instant access to pro deals, sales incentives, and PK training from the brands you carry;

What Are You Waiting For?

Install ENDVR and start reaping rewards today!


Leading a Store? Enjoy All The Benefits Of ENDVR +More!

ENDVR Retailer Dashboard:

Launch the easiest and most powerful sales incentives you’ve ever run:

  • Automate Your Manual Sales Incentives: Streamline your sales incentive programs quickly and easily in one place 

  • Launch to Your Network Instantly: Launch sales incentives to your vast retailer network in seconds 

  • Fast Sales Submission Approval: Remove the grind of manually checking individual printed receipts 

  • Reward Without Lifting a Finger: Reward associates for making sales with cash, products, and prizes swiftly and easily

  • Real-Time Sales Tracking: Track the sale progress of sales associates, stores, and territories as they happen

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Introducing, ENDVR for Retailers - our FREE web app platform for owners, managers, and regional managers. You are in the driver's seat with more control and better visibility about how your employees are performing in your store on the phone app.

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How To Get Started
with ENDVR Retailer Dashboard?

For Retail Leadership:

  • Submit a retailer request form;

  • Schedule a call with ENDVR sales;

  • Invite managers to the dashboard;

  • Invite sales associates to the mobile app;

  • Monitor performance and manage your teams;

What Our Clients Say

"Amazing Platform to Boost Your Brand"

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Owner, S3 Boardshop

ENDVR has forever changed the retail landscape for the better. You can tell this app was designed by people who know retail — fast, efficient, & user-friendly.

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