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Drive Sell-Through In Your
Largest Sales Channel

ENDVR’s platform empowers brands to take full advantage of their largest sales channel by elevating their in-store experience while educating and incentivizing sales associates to sell more

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You Are In a Good Company

How Can ENDVR Help Boost Your Sales and Customer Acquisition?

ENDVR’s platform empowers brands to elevate their in-store experience, educate sales associates,

and incentivize them to sell more

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Centralize All Your Initiatives

In One Place

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Build Strong Relationships

with Retailer Partners

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Get Real-Time Visibility

and Insights

How Can ENDVR Help Boost Your
In-Store Sell-Through?

ENDVR provides world-class brands with the tools they need to overcome the challenges of high employee churn, scattered marketing initiatives, and a lack of data-backed strategies, enabling them to seize the opportunities in the in-store sales channel and drive greater success.

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Centralize All Your Initiatives

In One Place

Build Strong Relationships

with Retailer Partners

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Get Real-Time Visibility

and Insights


Boost In-Store Sales with Measurable ROI

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Maximize Your Efficiency and Resources

Improve Strategic Planning

and Go-To-Market Strategy


How ENDVR Works

Elevate Your Brand Success with ENDVR:

  • Join the ENDVR platform and gain access to your Brand Dashboard.

  • Effortlessly create and launch incentive campaigns for your frontline team.

  • Access real-time data insights on your campaign's performance.

  • Build comprehensive strategies to elevate your in-store brand's success.

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Are You Still Losing Sales
with Guesswork?

Brands are missing out on the opportunity to outperform competitors by building stronger relationships with retail sales associates. ENDVR helps to solve this:

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Launch the easiest and most powerful sales incentives you’ve ever run.

  • Automate Your Manual Sales Incentives: Streamline your sales incentive programs quickly and easily in one place 

  • Launch to Your Network Instantly: Launch sales incentives to your vast retailer network in seconds 

  • Fast Sales Submission Approval: Remove the grind of manually checking individual printed receipts 

  • Reward Without Lifting a Finger: Reward associates for making sales with cash, products, and prizes swiftly and easily

  • Real-Time Sales Tracking: Track the sale progress of sales associates, stores, and territories as they happen


Ensure your brand clinics are never missed, with brand educational initiatives available anytime and anywhere.​

  • On-Demand Education: Be in-store and educating at all times giving associates access to on-demand digital brand education

  • Build Brand Relationships: Give associates the support they need to sell your products better and enthusiastically

  • Reward your Biggest Influencers: Reward with products or discounts to get your brand products into the hands of associates 

  • Increase Shop Employee Discount Sales: Increase sales through your fully integrated shop employee discount program 


Ensure you're never out of stock and merchandising displays are kept looking perfect outside of the times you’re able to get in-store

  • Your Displays Always Look Great: Launch digital merchandising campaigns to associates to ensure displays are on point

  • You're Never Out of Stock: Launch inventory checks to fill in what sold out since your last in-store visit 

  • Learn from the Frontline: Ask frontline sales associates questions with a survey to gain insights from the store floor

  • Focus on Driving Sales: Removes all of the previously manual processes so you can focus on driving more sales in-store  

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Gather Data Insights in
Real Time

ENDVR platform helps you:

  • To easily tap into the power of real-time sales tracking to stay on top of your sales associates' performance;

  • Stay updated on your sales associates' performance;

  • Track store progress and identify regional trends;

​By collecting and analyzing this valuable data, you can make well-informed decisions, measure the effectiveness of your initiatives, and uncover exciting growth opportunities!

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Maximize Your
Retail Performance

Get Visibility and Insights in real-time, at your fingertips:

  • Total Sales & Acquired Transactions: know what, when, where, and the value of each sale.

  • Training Success: understand who, when, where, and how well.

  • Merchandising & Marketing: gain a view from the front line.

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of traditional retail and embrace the clarity and insights that data can provide with ENDVR!

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Brands That Consistently Launch Campaigns
on ENDVR Experience an Increase In Retail Sales


An average increase in Retail Sales for Brands that consistently launch campaigns on ENDVR


ENDVR delivers an amazing average return on investment (ROI)


Of sales associates said they feel more confident selling products after education with ENDVR

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you're curious about specific features, need assistance in getting started, or have inquiries about optimizing your retail strategy, we're ready to support you every step of the way:

What Our Clients Say

ENDVR is truster and rated 4.9 from 5-star reviews on

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VP Global Sales at SMITH Optics

"We have noted enhanced growth rates within accounts that have utilized ENDVR, and the simplicity and instant gratification for the floor staff have been key. On the backend, we receive robust, yet simple to digest, reporting that helps us to evaluate our performance and product success better".

Still Have Questions?

Join our ENDVR Live Webinars – the perfect introduction for Brands. Immerse yourself in the ENDVR experience, explore its capabilities, and interact with our experts to gain insights:

"Amazing Platform to Boost Your Brand"

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