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Thank your for signing up


Thanks for signing up. To quickly summarize the below agreement, you will not pay any fees to ENDVR during the 90 day free trial, you'll just be responsible for the cash rewards you give your employees should you launch your own missions.


After 90 days, you'll have the option to put a credit card down and be charged a small monthly fee per store + a commission on cash rewards you give your employees.  Rewards paid by brand partners to your employees are always free!  


Project Description


The purpose of this document is to outline the division of responsibilities, the project’s initial and on-going dependencies, and the financial terms of our agreement.



Customer will receive access to the tool effective immediately to begin account set-up, content creation, team member invites and initiate the roll-out to stores.

ENDVR will work with Customer to initiate the roll-out to all doors and provide the following support:

  • Admin training & employee workshops

  • Platform configuration

  • Work to develop a content strategy

  • KPIs & Goal Setting

  • Assist in digitizing current content




We will provide Customer with support and feedback throughout your usage of the tool.  We will share best practices from other customers and work with Customer to review our roadmap feature development as needed.


We shall work with Customer to conduct occasional employee surveys to measure engagement and satisfaction with features of our tool.  We will also conduct quarterly business reviews with Management to ensure and measure program success.  We shall be entitled to use all data acquired for our own commercial & marketing purposes.  ENDVR will be entitled to use the Customer logo(s) on our corporate website and obtain testimonials for marketing purposes.


Key Deliverables

ENDVR will provide an Enterprise Platform Account from which Customer will develop and manage their employee engagement tool.


Fee Structure


  • Set-up Fee: N/A

  • Monthly Platform Access Fee: N/A

  • After 90 day free trial, $25 / Month / store



During the 90 day free trial, Customer will not be charged a commission on cash rewards paid to associates.  After the 90 day trial, the rate charged will be:


  • The higher of either 18% of the monetary value for each successfully completed mission, or $0.25 per approved submission if no monetary reward.

  • 18% of the value of a monetary reward transferred in app.

  • During 90 day free trial, you will only be invoiced for cash rewards paid to employees.  


Billing will occur monthly for all approved activity during the previous month.


Either party may terminate this agreement with 30 days written notice with or without cause. 


All pricing is in either US or CDN Dollars, dependent on territory of assigned missions.  Pricing is subject to change with 30 days written notice.

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